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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EM 1110-2-3104 CECW-ED Structural and Architectural Design of Pumping Stations 6/30/1989 Presents the primary features common to pumping station facilities intended for interior drainage on civil works flood protection projects and to present guidance for their architectural and structural design.
EM 1110-2-4300 CECW-ED Instrumentation for Concrete Structures 11/30/1987 Provides guidance and information related to the instrumentation of concrete structures and the measurement of structural behavior.
EM 1110-2-6054 CECW-ED Inspection, Evaluation and Repair of Hydraulic Steel Structures 12/1/2001 Describes the inspection, evaluation, and repair of hydraulic steel structures, including preinspection identification of critical locations (such as fracture critical members and various connections) that require close examination.
EM 1110-2-1603 CECW-ED-H Hydraulic Design of Spillways 1/16/1990 Provides guidance for the hydraulic design of spillways for flood control or multi  dams.
EM 1110-1-1002 CECW-EE Survey Markers and Monumentations 3/1/2012 This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance on Monumentations installation and documentation for all types of surveys required during the various stages of US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) civil and military projects.
EM 1110-1-1003 CECW-EE Navstar Global Positioning System Surveying 2/28/2011 Provides technical specifications and procedural guidance for surveying and mapping with the Global Positioning System (GPS) and other Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).
EM 1110-2-1009 CECW-EE Structural Deformation Surveying 2/28/2018 This manual provides technical guidance for performing precise structural deformation surveys of locks, dams, and other hydraulic flood control or navigation structures.  Accuracy, procedural, and qual¬ity con¬trol stan¬dards are de¬fined for monitoring displacements in hydraulic structures.
EM 1110-2-3400 CECW-EE Painting: New Construction and Maintenance 4/30/1995 Provides painting guidance to engineering, operations, maintenance, and construction personnel and other individuals responsible for the protection of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) structures.
EM 1110-2-4205 CECW-EE Hydroelectric Power Plants Mechanical Design 6/30/1995 Provides guidance and criteria pertinent to the design and selection of hydroelectric power plant mechanical equipment and systems.
EM 1110-1-1802 CECW-EG Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations 8/31/1995 Provides an introduction to geophysical exploration for engineering, geological, and environmental (to include Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW)) investigations.
EM 1110-1-1904 CECW-EG Settlement Analysis 9/30/1990 Provides guidelines for calculations of vertical displacements and settlement of soil under shallow foundations supporting various types of structures and under embankments.
EM 1110-1-1905 CECW-EG Bearing Capacity of Soils 10/30/1992 Provides guidelines for calculation of the bearing capacity of soil under shallow and deep foundations supporting various types of structures and embankments.
EM 1110-1-2009 CECW-EG Architectural Concrete 10/31/1997 Provides guidance for the design and construction of architectural concrete, including planning and design, forms, materials and proportions, batching and transporting, placement, curing and form removal, exposed aggregate surfaces, finishing, and quality assurance.
EM 1110-1-2907 CECW-EG Rock Reinforcement 2/15/1980 Outlines techniques ,and procedures of rock reinforcement for underground and surface structures in civil engineering works.
EM 1110-1-2908 CECW-EG Rock Foundations 11/30/1994 Provides technical criteria and guidance for design of rock foundations for civil works or similar large military structures.
EM 1110-1-3500 CECW-EG Chemical Grouting 1/31/1995 Provides information and guidance for the investigation and selection of materials, equipment, and methods to be used in chemical grouting in connection with construction projects.
EM 1110-2-1810 CECW-EG Coastal Geology 1/31/1995 Provides an overview of coastal geology and a discussion of data sources and field study methods applicable to coastal geological studies.
EM 1110-2-1901 CECW-EG Seepage Analysis and Control for Dams 9/30/1986 This manual presents the fundamental design principles and guidance concerning seepage considerations for design of new dams and the evaluation of existing projects.
EM 1110-2-1906 CECW-EG Laboratory Soils Testing 8/20/1986 This manual presents recommended testing procedures for making determinations of the soil properties to be used in the design of civil works projects.
EM 1110-2-1913 CECW-EG Design and Construction of Levees 4/30/2000 Presents basic principles used in the design and construction of earth levees.
EM 1110-2-1914 CECW-EG Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Relief Wells 5/29/1992 Provides guidance and information on the design, construction, and maintenance of pressure relief wells.
EM 1110-2-2000 CECW-EG Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures Proponent: CECW-EG 3/31/2001 Provides information and guidance for the investigation and selection of concrete materials for civil works concrete structures. Elements discussed include design studies and reports, preparation of contract plans and specifications, construction preparation, and concrete construction quality verification.
EM 1110-2-2002 CECW-EG Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures 6/30/1995 Provides guidance on evaluating the condition of the concrete in a structure, relating the condition of the concrete to the underlying cause or causes of that condition, selecting an appropriate repair material and method for any deficiency found, and using the selected materials and methods to repair or rehabilitate the structure.
EM 1110-2-2006 CECW-EG Roller-Compacted Concrete 1/15/2000 Provides information and guidance on the use of roller compacted concrete (RCC) in dams and other civil works structures. Elements discussed include investigation and selection of materials, mixture proportioning, material properties, design and construction considerations, construction methods and equipment, Government Quality Assurance/Contractor Quality Control, and performance.
EM 1110-2-2102 CECW-EG Water stops and Other Preformed Joint Materials for Civil Works Structures 9/30/1995 Provides guidance for the selection and use of water stops and other preformed joint materials for preventing passage of excessive amounts of water, water-borne matter, gases, other fluids, and other unwanted substances into or through the joints of concrete structures.
EM 1110-2-2300 CECW-EG General Design and Construction Considerations For Earth and Rock-Fill Dams 7/30/2004 This manual presents fundamental principles underlying the design and construction of earth and rock-fill dams. The general principles presented herein are also applicable to the design and construction of earth levees.
EM 1110-2-2301 CECW-EG Test Quarries and Test Fills 9/30/1994 This manual establishes criteria and provides guidance for the investigations preceding test quarries, for the development of test quarries, and for the planning and conduct of compacted test fill programs at civil works projects.
EM 1110-2-2302 CECW-EG Construction with Large Stone 10/24/1990 This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance for the selection, evaluation, and use of large-stone materials in construction.
EM 1110-2-2901 CECW-EG Tunnels and Shafts in Rocks 5/30/1997
EM 1110-2-3506 CECW-EG Grouting Technology 3/31/2017 This manual supersedes EM 1110-2-3506, dated January 1984. The purpose of this manual is to provide detailed technical guidance and criteria for civil works grouting applications..
EM 1110-2-1204 CECW-EH Environmental Engineering for Coastal Shore Protection 7/10/1989 Provides guidance in environmental engineering for coastal shore protection projects.
EM 1110-2-1406 CECW-EH Runoff from Snowmelt 3/31/1998 Provides guidance for computing basin snowmelt runoff as is necessary in the design and operation of USACE water control projects.
EM 1110-2-1417 CECW-EH Flood-Runoff Analysis 8/31/1994 This manual describes methods for evaluating flood-runoff characteristics of watersheds. Guidance is provided in selecting and applying such methods to support the various investigations required for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) civil works activities.
EM 1110-2-1421 CECW-EH Groundwater Hydrology 2/28/1999 Provides guidance to Corps of Engineers personnel who are responsible for groundwater-related projects.
EM 1110-2-1612 CECW-EH Ice Engineering 10/30/2002 This manual, composed of three parts, presents in Part I the current guidance for the planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance of is control and ice suppression measures for Corps of Engineers projects; provides in Part II the current guidance for dealing with ice jams and resultant flooding, including preventative measures; and gives in Part III the current guidance for engineering and operational solutions to ice problems on rivers used for navigation.
EM 1110-2-1701 CECW-EH Hydropower 12/31/1985 Provides guidance on the technical aspects of hydroelectric power studies, from the preauthorization level through the General Design Memorandum (GDM) stage.
EM 1110-2-1601 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels 7/1/1991 Presents procedures for the design analysis and criteria of design for improved channels that carry rapid and/or tranquil flows.
EM 1110-2-1602 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Reservoir Outlet Works 10/15/1980 This manual presents guidance for the hydraulic design  and analysis of reservoir outlet works facilities.
EM 1110-2-1604 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Navigation Locks 5/1/2006 Presents the results of research, design studies, and operation experience as guidance for the hydraulic design of navigation locks.
EM 1110-2-1605 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Navigation Dams 5/12/1987 Provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the hydraulic design of navigation dams.
EM 1110-2-1606 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design - Surges in Canals - Change 1 3/1/1949 Problem of surges which occur in navigation canals as a result of lock operations, since a full discussion of other unsteady flow phenomena which may occur in open channels would be feasible only in a large treatise.
EM 1110-2-1607 CECW-EH-D Tidal Hydraulics 3/15/1991 Provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the solution of tidal hydraulics problems.
EM 1110-2-1614 CECW-EH-D Design of Coastal Revertments, Seawalls, and Bulkheads 6/30/1995 Provides guidance for the design of coastal revetment, seawalls, and bulkheads.
EM 1110-2-1615 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Harbors 9/25/1984 Provides guidance for planning, layout, and design of small boat harbor projects.
EM 1110-2-1205 CECW-EH-W Environmental Engineering for Flood Control Channels 11/15/1989 Provides guidance for incorporating environmental considerations in the planning, engineering, design, and construction of flood control channels, levees, and associated structures.
EM 1110-2-1206 CECW-EH-W Environmental Engineering for Small Boat Basins 10/31/1993 Incorporates environmental considerations into the planning, engineering, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of small boat basins.
EM 1110-2-1415 CECW-EH-Y Hydrologic Frequency Analysis 3/5/1993 Provides guidance and procedures for frequency analysis of: flood flows, low flows, precipitation. water surface elevation, and flood damage.
EM 1110-2-1416 CECW-EH-Y River Hydraulics 10/15/1993 This manual presents basic principles and technical procedures for analysis of open channel flows in natural river systems.
EM 1110-2-1419 CECW-EH-Y Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Flood Damage Reduction Studies 1/31/1995 This manual presents basic principles and technical procedures for hydrologic engineering analysis of flood damage reduction measures.
EM 1110-2-1619 CECW-EH-Y Risk-Based Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies 8/1/1996 This manual describes and provides procedures for risk and uncertainty for Corps of Engineers flood damage reduction studies.
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