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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 1-1-11 CECW-EC Project Schedules 9/18/2017 This regulation supersedes ER 1-1-11, dated 15 June 1995.This regulation states the policy on the use of various schedule managementmethods.
ER 1-2-2 CECW-PL Water Resources Policies and Authorities Substantive Congressional Contacts (RCS: CECW-P-21) 7/1/1991 Is to prescribe requirements and give instructions for coordinating and reporting substantive Congressional contacts and other Federal agency contacts at the Washington, D.C. level.
ER 5-1-9 CERM-M Assignment and Transfer of Project Responsibilities 3/15/1996 Establishes project brokering policy, guidance, and procedures for all projects assigned to the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) consistent with USACE management philosophy.
ER 5-1-10 CECW-CE Corps-wide Area of Work Responsibility 4/1/2009 Establishes policy and procedures for the assignment of work within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
ER 5-1-11 CECW-CB USACE Business Process 7/31/2018 This regulation establishes policy and doctrine to accomplish all work performed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
ER 5-1-13 CERM-P U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Policy on Regional Business Centers (RBC) 2/18/2019 This regulation establishes a standard structure of the Division headquarters and establishes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) doctrine and policy for managing the RBC.
ER 5-1-15 CESI-P Strategic Management 12/1/2009 Change 2 included, dated 31 May 2016
ER 5-1-16 CEMP-CN Management Capacity Development - International 6/30/2009 Establishes policies for capacity development (CD) for international programs and projects conducted by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and serves as requirements basis documents for CD planning and implementation for USACE international programs and projects.
ER 5-1-18 CECW-CE Corps Project Notebook: a Database of Project Geographic Locations 6/30/2016 This regulation provides guidance for updating the USACE Corps Project Notebook (CPN). The purpose of the CPN is to provide a single authoritative reference database of the location of all Corps Civil Works, Military, and Interagency and International support projects. This database is used as the primary data source for all USACE enterprise applications that map and perform Geographic Information System (GIS) analyses.
ER 10-1-5 CERM-MO Mississippi River Commission 6/15/1965 Sets forth the organization of the Mississippi River Commission and defines its mission.
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