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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EM 1110-2-1102 CECW-EC Inspection and Evaluation of USACE Bridges 1/31/2020 This manual provides guidance for inspecting and evaluating bridges owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Bridges on military installations are covered under the Unified Facilities Criteria 3-310-08
EM 1110-2-3200 CECW-CE Wire Rope For Civil Works Structures 11/30/2016 This manual supersedes EM 1110-2-3200, dated 30 September 1998
EM 1110-3-141 CEMP-ET Airfield Flexible Pavement - Mobilization Construction 4/9/1984 Provides guidance for designing airfield flexible pavement for U .S  Army mobilization facilities .
EM 1110-3-142 CEMP-ET Airfield Rigid Pavement - Mobilization Construction 4/9/1984 Provides guidance for the design of Army airfield rigid pavement at U .S  Army mobilization installations .
EM 1110-2-2201 CECW-ED Arch Dam Design 5/31/1994 Provides information and guidance on the design, analysis, and construction of concrete arch dams.
EM 1110-1-2009 CECW-EG Architectural Concrete 10/31/1997 Provides guidance for the design and construction of architectural concrete, including planning and design, forms, materials and proportions, batching and transporting, placement, curing and form removal, exposed aggregate surfaces, finishing, and quality assurance.
EM 1110-1-1905 CECW-EG Bearing Capacity of Soils 10/30/1992 Provides guidelines for calculation of the bearing capacity of soil under shallow and deep foundations supporting various types of structures and embankments.
EM 1110-2-5026 CECW-EG-D Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material 6/30/1987 Provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, and managing dredged material for beneficial uses, incorporating ecological concepts and engineering designs with biological, economical, and social feasibility.
EM 1110-2-1909 CECW-EG Calibration of Laboratory Soils Testing Equipment 3/10/1986 This manual presents recommended procedures for the calibration of testing equipment commonly used in Corps of Engineers soils laboratories.
EM 1110-2-2704 CECW-CE Cathodic Protection Systems for Civil Works Structures 7/12/2004 Provides guidance for the selection, design, installation, operation, and maintenance of Cathodic protection systems (CPSs) for navigation lock gates and other civil works hydraulic structures.
EM 1110-2-1418 CECW-EH-D Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects 10/31/1994 Provides assistance for determining potential channel instability and sedimentation effects in flood control projects.
EM 1110-1-3500 CECW-EG Chemical Grouting 1/31/1995 Provides information and guidance for the investigation and selection of materials, equipment, and methods to be used in chemical grouting in connection with construction projects.
EM 200-1-6 CEMP-RT Chemical Quality Assurance for Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive (HTRW) Projects 10/10/1997 Provides specific guidance, procedures, criteria, and tools for chemical implementation of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HTRW Quality Assurance (QA) Program.
EM 1110-2-1304 CECW-EC Civil Works Construction Cost Index System (CWCCIS) 9/30/2019 This engineer manual (EM) is to provide historical and forecasted cost indexes for use in escalating United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works project costs.
EM 1110-2-1100 CECW-CE Coastal Engineering Manual - Appendix A 4/30/2002 Glossary of Coastal Terminology
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