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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 10-1-5 CERM-MO Mississippi River Commission 6/15/1965 Sets forth the organization of the Mississippi River Commission and defines its mission.
ER 1165-2-119 CECW-PR MODIFICATIONS TO COMPLETED PROJECTS 9/20/1982 To coalesce guidance on the use of available authorities, as compared to the need for new project authorizations, for study and accomplishment of modifications to completed project's
ER 1110-2-8151 CECW-EH Monitoring Completed Coastal Navigational Projects 7/31/1997 States the objective, outlines the scope, discusses funding, assigns responsibility, and establishes the procedures by which the Corps of Engineers (CE) evaluates planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance performance of civil works navigation projects.
ER 1130-2-520 CECW-OD NAVIGATION AND DREDGING OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE POLICIES 11/29/1996 Establishes the policy for the operations and maintenance of USACE navigation and dredging project and related structures and equipment.
ER 1165-2-25 CECW-PR NAVIGATION POLICY: COST APPORTINMENT OF BRIDGE ALTERATIONS 5/30/1979 Provides policies and guidelines for the apportionment of bridge alteration costs required in connection with navigation improvements recommended in reports transmitted to the Chief of Engineers for approval or submitted to Congress for authorization.
ER 385-1-40 CESO Occupational Health Program 9/20/2010 Prescribes policies, outlines responsibilities, and provides procedures for the development and execution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Occupational Health (OH) Program
ER 25-59-1 CEIT-OPI-RE Office Symbols 8/30/2022 This regulation establishes policies, responsibilities, and mandated procedures for managing the construction, approval, and use of office symbols throughout the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
ER 37-1-24 CERM-B Operating Budgets 12/31/2001 Provides policy guidance for the preparation and utilization of operating budgets.
ER 1165-2-211 CECW-P Operation and Maintenance of Improvements Carried out by Non-Federal Interests to Authorized Harbor or Inland Harbor Projects 2/4/2016 This ER supersedes ER 1165-2-124, dated 1 October 1990, and ER 1165-2-120, dated 15 June 1988
ER 1110-2-401 CECW-E Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, and Rehabilitation Manual for Projects and Separable Elements Managed by Project Sponsors 9/30/1994 Provides instructions for the preparation of operation and maintenance manuals outlining the responsibilities of those local sponsors that have
entered into binding agreements with the Secretary of the Army to be solely responsible for the operation, maintenance, repair, replacement, and rehabilitation
(OMRR&R), and to pay 100 percent of the associated project costs.
ER 10-1-55 CECW-CE Organization and Functions - Roles and Responsibilities Risk Management Center 6/30/2013 Establishes the roles and responsibilities of the Risk Management Center (RMC) located within the Institute For Water Resources, USACE.
ER 1130-2-500 CECW-O PARTNERS AND SUPPORT (WORK MANAGEMENT POLICIES) 12/27/1996 Establishes the policy for the management of operation and maintenance activities of USACE personnel performing civil works functions related to flood control, navigation, dredging, hydroelectric power generation, environmental steward ship, and recreation services.
ER 1110-1-8167 CECW-CE Petroleum Oil and Lubricants Mandatory Center of Expertise 9/15/2016 This regulation sets forth the policies, roles and responsibilities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) Mandatory Center of Expertise (MCX), located within Omaha District (CENWO).
ER 405-3-10 CEMP-CR Planning - Military 10/31/2013 This regulation sets forth the authority, policy, responsibility and delegations for Military-Planning for acquisition of real property for use by DA
ER 1110-2-8152 CECW-ED Planning and Design of Temporary Cofferdams and Braced Excavation 8/31/1994 Provides directives for procedures to be followed while planning and designing temporary construction for cofferdams and unwatered excavations
on major civil works projects.
ER 1105-2-100 CECW-P Planning Guidance Notebook 4/22/2000 Appendix H is superseded by EP 1105-2-61; Guidance for evaluation framework used in USACE flood damage reduction studies.
ER 1110-1-5 CECW-EG Plant Pest Quarantined Areas and Foreign Soil Samples, ENG Form 1743, ENG Form 1743A 7/25/1984 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for the removal of all service and construction equipment from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests, and the identification, shipping, storage, testing, and disposal of soils from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests and soils from foreign sources, U. S. territories and possessions, and Hawaii.
ER 1150-2-301 CECW-OC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES - LOCAL COOPERATION 9/1/1967 States the policies and procedures for all USACE elements performing Civil Works functions with regard to the construction of project which require local cooperation.
ER 1110-1-8156 CECW-CE Policies, Guidance, and Requirements for Geospatial Data and Systems 9/1/2012 Provides a framework that promotes interoperability through the use of data standards and an open platform to move data seamlessly throughout the organization
ER 1110-2-8164 CECW-CE/ CECW-CE Policies, Guidance, and Requirements for Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping Digital Products 7/25/2017 This Engineer Regulation (ER) establishes general criteria and policy for the executionof hydrographic surveying throughout U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) river, harbor, and coastal navigation projects, water control projects, and shore protection projects.
ER 200-1-1 CEMP-RA Policy and General Requirements for the Environmental Innovative Technology Program 5/30/2000 Provides specific policy and guidance for the development, implementation, and documentation of the Innovative Technology Program to foster the successful transfer of new and innovative environmental technologies to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) projects.
ER 1105-2-103 CECW-P Policy for Conducting Civil Works Planning Studies 11/7/2023 Supersedes Chapters 1-2 of ER 1105-2-100 dated 22April2000
ER 200-1-5 CEMP-R, CECW-P Policy for Implementation and Integrated Application of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Environmental Operating Principles (EOP) and Doctrine 10/30/2003 Provides specific policy and guidance for implementation and the integrated application of USACE's Environmental Operation Principle (EOP) and associated doctrine across the full spectrum of USACE's program management initiatives and business processes.
ER 690-1-500 CEHR-E Position Management and Classification 6/1/2022 Provides human resources policy guidance, procedures, and criteria for the position management and classification program in the USACE
ER 1110-2-1802 CECW-EC Post-Earthquake Inspections and Reporting for Civil Works Structures 12/21/2023 Supersedes ER 1110-2-1802 dated 7/28/2017
ER 1110-2-2902 CECW-EH-D Prescribed Procedures for the Maintenance and Operation of Shore Protection Works 6/30/1989 Provides specific performance requirements and guidance for accomplishing the satisfactory maintenance and operation of shore protection works, including coastal structures, beach fill projects, and protective dunes.
ER 27-2-2 CECC-ZA Procedures for Implementation and Enforcement of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys 2/29/1996 Establishes responsibilities for advancing and enforcing the Rules of Professional Conduct for Lawyers (AR 27-26) (Rules) and the procedures for reporting, processing, investigating and taking appropriate action on reports or allegations of violations of the Rules in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), as required by Rule 10.1.
ER 200-2-2 CECW-PO Procedures for Implementing NEPA 3/4/1988 Provides guidance for implementation of the procedural provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (ENPA) for the Civil Works Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
ER 1110-1-8152 CEMP CECW Professional Registration and Signature on Design Documents 1/24/2012 Provides policy and guidance on professional registration of USACE civilian team members in all occupations included in career program (CP)-18 (Engineers & Scientists � Resources & Construction).
ER 690-1-1212 CEHR-E / CECW-E / CEMP-ZB Professional Registration as a Selective Placement Factor 3/31/2004
ER 1-1-11 CECW-EC Project Schedules 9/18/2017 This regulation supersedes ER 1-1-11, dated 15 June 1995.This regulation states the policy on the use of various schedule managementmethods.
ER 690-1-414 CEHR-H Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT) 6/22/1987 Provides guidance to the organizations and individuals involved with the PROSPECT Program.
ER 1110-1-8175 CECW-EC Protective Design Mandatory Center of Expertise 1/25/2024
ER 1110-2-1 CECW-EG Provisions for Future Hydropower Installation at Corps of Engineers Projects 1/29/1982 Prescribes procedures for obtaining the Secretary of the Army's approval to provide minimum facilities for future hydroelectric power development at Corps projects.
ER 360-1-1 CEPA Public Affairs 2/28/2022 This regulation establishes policies and procedures, assigns responsibilities and provides direction and guidance for conducting the Public Affairs Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
ER 1110-1-261 CECW-EG CECW-EH CECW-EC Quality Assurance of Laboratory Testing Procedures 4/28/1999 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for materials and water quality testing performed by and for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district offices.
ER 1110-3-12 CECW-EC Quality Management 3/25/2021 This engineer regulation (ER) provides policy, guidance, principles, practices, and tools for delivering quality products and services to stakeholders of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
ER 405-1-20 CEMP-CR Real Estate - Federal Legislative Jurisdiction and Annexation 9/30/2013 This Regulation describes the types of legislative and general procedures and responsibilities relates to the acquisition and retrocession of federal legislative jurisdiction over land areas under the control of the Dept of the Army.
ER 405-1-11 CEMP-CR Real Estate Acquisition 11/28/2014 This regulation supesedes ER 405-1-12, Chapter 5, dated 20 November 2985
ER 405-1-3 CEMP-CR Real Estate Geospatial Data and Mapping 9/30/2016 This Engineer Regulation (ER) describes the requirements and policy for developing and providing geospatial data and related materials for planning, acquisition, management, disposal, and archiving of lands and interested in lands acquired by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for Department of Army, military and civil works projects.
ER 405-1-12 CERE-P, DAEN-REP Real Estate Handbook 11/20/1985 Use Google Chrome to open this portfolio.
ER 405-1-19 CEMP-CR Real Estate: Acquisition By Condemnation Proceedings 5/29/2015 ER 405-1-12, Chapter 5, Acquistion, 5 Sept 78, was rescinded by ER 405-1
ER 25-60-1 CECI-PID Record and Information Management Program 12/2/2021 This regulation establishes policies, responsibilities, and mandated procedures for managing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Records and Information Management Program (RIMP). Policies and procedures will ensure that records are properly managed from creation and receipt through final disposition according to Federal Laws, regulations, Department of Defense (DoD) and Army recordkeeping requirements.
ER 405-1-1020 CERE-PS, DAEN-REP-S Records and Reports - Leaseholds (RCS: DAEN-RE-8 (R4)) 8/30/1974 Prescribes real estate records and reports pertaining to real estate leases, allocations and rent-free space and contains instructions for the preparation thereof.
ER 1130-2-550 CECW-ON Recreation Operations and Maintenance Policies 11/15/1996
ER 1165-2-400 CECW-PR RECREATIONAL PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND MANAGEMENT POLICIES 8/9/1985 Defines the objectives, philosophies and basic policies for outdoor recreation and enhancement of fish and wildlife resources at COE water resource development projects.
ER 37-1-32 CERM-B Regional Operating Budget 10/31/2016 This regulation provides policy guidance for the preparation and utilization of regional operating budgets. This regulation is not intended to replace or duplicate the policy contained in higher headquarters regulations; rather, it provides guidance specifically applicable to the Corps of Engineers.
ER 1165-2-18 CECW-PR REIMBURSEMENT FOR NON-FEDERAL PARTICIPATION IN CIVIL WORKS PROJECTS 2/1/1989 Provides guidance on use of Section 215 of the Flood Control Act of 1968 to reimburse a non-Federal public body for construction of part of an authorized Federal project.
ER 405-1-16 CEMP-CR Relocation Assistance Program 1/31/2014 This regulation provides guidance and procedures supplementing the Uniform Regulation at 49 CFR part 24, which implement the uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended, codified at 42 U.S.C. Section 4601, et Seq., the "uniform Act"
ER 1110-2-112 CECW-E CECW-O Required Visits to the Construction Sites by Design Personnel 4/15/1992 Requires periodic and timely visits to construction sites by Corps of Engineers design and design review personnel.
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