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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 1165-2-114 CECW-PR USE OF EXCESS POWER REVENUES TO ASSIST IN REPAYMENT OF IRRIGATION COSTS 6/25/1964 Summarizes the position of the Chief of Engineers with respect to the use of excess power revenues to assist in repayment of irrigation costs associated with Federal irrigation projects.
ER 10-1-5 CERM-MO Mississippi River Commission 6/15/1965 Sets forth the organization of the Mississippi River Commission and defines its mission.
ER 1150-2-301 CECW-OC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES - LOCAL COOPERATION 9/1/1967 States the policies and procedures for all USACE elements performing Civil Works functions with regard to the construction of project which require local cooperation.
ER 1110-2-1925 CECW-EG Field Control Data for Earth and Rockfill Dams 7/3/1969 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for reporting field control data for earth and rockfill dams.
ER 1130-2-337 CECW-OP ASSIGNMENT OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE EXPENSES TO PROPER COST ACCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE-PURPOSE PROJECTS WITH POWER 7/15/1969 Establishes standard guidelines for making charges to cost account numbers for specific operation and maintenance duties and other expenses at multiple-purpose projects with power and project without at-site power which provide down stream hydroelectric power benefits.
ER 405-1-1020 CERE-PS, DAEN-REP-S Records and Reports - Leaseholds (RCS: DAEN-RE-8 (R4)) 8/30/1974 Prescribes real estate records and reports pertaining to real estate leases, allocations and rent-free space and contains instructions for the preparation thereof.
ER 70-1-12 CERD, DAEN-RD In-House Laboratory Independent Research Program 7/24/1978 Prescribes policies and responsibilities for conducting the In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) Program.
ER 1110-2-1451 CECW-EH Acquisition of Lands Downstream from Spillways for Hydrologic Safety Purposes 8/10/1978 Provides guidance on the acquisition of lands downstream from spillways for the purpose of protecting the public from hazards imposed by spillway discharges. Guidance contained herein is in addition to ER 405-2-150.
ER 1165-2-118 CECW-PR FEDERAL PARTICIPATION IN COVERED FLOOD CONTROL CHANNELS 10/13/1978 Establishes policy for determining the extent of Federal Participation in covered flood control channels.
ER 1165-2-25 CECW-PR NAVIGATION POLICY: COST APPORTINMENT OF BRIDGE ALTERATIONS 5/30/1979 Provides policies and guidelines for the apportionment of bridge alteration costs required in connection with navigation improvements recommended in reports transmitted to the Chief of Engineers for approval or submitted to Congress for authorization.
ER 1165-2-21 CECW-PR FLOOD DAMAGE REDUCTION MEASURES IN URBAN AREAS 10/30/1980 Provides policies and guidance for COE participation in urban flood damage reduction projects and establishes criteria to distinguish between improvements to be accomplished by the Corps under flood control authorities and storm sewer systems to be accomplished by local interests.
ER 1110-2-1453 CECW-EH Criteria for SPH and PMH Wind Fields 3/20/1981 Provides direction for the development of Standard Project Hurricane (SPH) and Probable Maximum Hurricane (PMH) wind fields along the gulf and east coasts of the United Stakes.
ER 1150-2-302 CECW-OM ANNUAL REPORT ON LOCAL COOPERATION AGREEMENTS 3/20/1981 This regulation states procedure for reporting requirements of Section 221 of the Flood Control Act of 1970 (P.L. 91-611.
ER 1110-2-1 CECW-EG Provisions for Future Hydropower Installation at Corps of Engineers Projects 1/29/1982 Prescribes procedures for obtaining the Secretary of the Army's approval to provide minimum facilities for future hydroelectric power development at Corps projects.
ER 95-1-1 CECS-A Control and Use of Aircraft 3/1/1982 Prescribes the policies and procedures for the control and use of aircraft and/or operated within the Corps of Engineers.
ER 1165-2-111 CECW-PR CORPS OF ENGINEERS ACTIVII9TIES UNDER THE SMALL RECLAMATION PROJECT ACT OF 1956, AS ADMEMDED 5/28/1982 Provides guidance regarding COE assistance to applicants for loans from the Bureau if Reclamation under the Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956 as amended.
ER 1165-2-119 CECW-PR MODIFICATIONS TO COMPLETED PROJECTS 9/20/1982 To coalesce guidance on the use of available authorities, as compared to the need for new project authorizations, for study and accomplishment of modifications to completed project's
ER 15-2-12 CEHR-L Corps of Engineers Committee for the Negotiation of Labor Agreement with the Marine Engineers Beneficial Assn.(MEBA) and International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMMP) 1/21/1983 Establishes and defines the composition and responsibilities of the Corps of Engineers Committee for the Negotiation of Labor Agreements with the Marine Engineers Beneficial Association (MEBA) and the International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots (IOMMP).
ER 1110-2-1454 CECW-EH Corps Responsibilities for Non-Federal Hydroelectric Power Development under the Federal Power Act 7/15/1983 Provides policy and guidance for review of preliminary permit and license applications for non-Federal hydroelectric power development either at or affecting US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) water re80urce projects.
ER 690-1-1200 CEHR-OT Completion, Submission, Approval and Distribution of the Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certificate of Training and Reimbursement Form (DD Form 1556) 11/1/1983 Assigns responsibility and establishes procedures for the use of the DD Form 1556, "Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement".
ER 690-1-711 CEHR-L Labor-Management Relations 1/25/1984 Provides the USACE policy on the Labor-Management Relations Program.
ER 1165-2-26 CECW-PR IMPLEMENTATION OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 11988 ON FLOOD PLAIN MANAGEMENT 3/30/1984 Provides general policy and guidance for COE implementation of Executive Order 11988 as it pertains to the planning, design and construction of Civil Works projects, to activities under the operation and maintenance and Real Estate Programs.
ER 1110-1-5 CECW-EG Plant Pest Quarantined Areas and Foreign Soil Samples, ENG Form 1743, ENG Form 1743A 7/25/1984 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for the removal of all service and construction equipment from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests, and the identification, shipping, storage, testing, and disposal of soils from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests and soils from foreign sources, U. S. territories and possessions, and Hawaii.
ER 550-1-1 CECC-J Foreign Countries and Nationals - International Agreements 10/1/1984 Prescribes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the negotiation, forwarding, and depositing of international agreements entered into on behalf of the USACE pursuant to the authority of the Chief of Engineers.
ER 570-2-2 CERM-UP Management of Civil Functions, Civilian Manpower by the Workyear System 2/1/1985 Provides policies and procedures for management of Civil functions civilian manpower by the workyear system.
ER 500-1-18 CECW-OE-P Corps of Engineers Continuity of Operations Planning System (CECOPS 3/30/1985 CECOPS provides policy and planning guidance for the continuity of essential operations of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) during an impending or actual national emergency.
ER 1110-2-1457 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Navigation 6/24/1985 Prescribes the design procedure and rationale for development of small boat navigation projects. Detailed design guidance is contained in the references listed in paragraph 3.
ER 10-1-8 CERM-MO U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station 7/15/1985 Please contact the Publications POC.
ER 1165-2-400 CECW-PR RECREATIONAL PLANNING, DEVELOPMENT, AND MANAGEMENT POLICIES 8/9/1985 Defines the objectives, philosophies and basic policies for outdoor recreation and enhancement of fish and wildlife resources at COE water resource development projects.
ER 500-1-20 CECW-OE-D USACE R&D and Other Separate FOA Support to Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Emergencies and Disasters 10/15/1985 Provides guidance and procedures for utilization of US Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development (R&D) activities and other separate field (FOA), in support of emergency preparedness for and operations due to natural and/or man-made disasters.
ER 405-1-12 CERE-P, DAEN-REP Real Estate Handbook 11/20/1985 Use Google Chrome to open this portfolio.
ER 15-1-26 CEHR-L, DAEN-PEC-L Corps of Engineers SES Incentive Awards Committee 7/31/1986 Establishes the Corps of Engineers Senior Executive Service Incentive Award Committee (SES-IAC) and define its composition and responsibilities.
ER 690-1-414 CEHR-H Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT) 6/22/1987 Provides guidance to the organizations and individuals involved with the PROSPECT Program.
ER 10-1-25 CERM-MO U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory 7/30/1987 Defines the mission and establishes the organization structure of the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (USACRREL).
ER 500-1-24 CECW-OE-E Corps of Engineers Command Readiness Exercise Program 9/1/1987 Electronic version of document unavailable.
ER 1165-2-29 CECW-PR GENERAL CREDIT FOR FLOOD CONTROL 11/18/1987 Establishes guidelines and procedures for DA application of the provisions of Section 104 of Public Law 99-662
ER 1110-2-1942 CECW-EG Inspection, Monitoring and Maintenance of Relief Wells 2/29/1988 Provides policy guidance for scheduled monitoring, inspection, evaluation, maintenance and rehabilitation of relief wells at civil works projects.
ER 200-2-2 CECW-PO Procedures for Implementing NEPA 3/4/1988 Provides guidance for implementation of the procedural provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (ENPA) for the Civil Works Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
ER 1110-2-400 CEMP-ET Design of Recreation Sites, Areas, and Facilities 5/31/1988 Establishes policy, and guidance for the design of recreation sites, areas, and facilities.
ER 670-3-1 CESM Distinctive Unit Insignia and Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for US Army Corps of Engineers and Regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia for the Corps of Engineers 12/30/1988 Prescribes the policy concerning the wear of the US Army Corps of Engineers distinctive unit insignia (DUI) and shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI), and regimental distinctive unit insignia (RDUI) for members of the Corps of Engineers regiment.
ER 1165-2-18 CECW-PR REIMBURSEMENT FOR NON-FEDERAL PARTICIPATION IN CIVIL WORKS PROJECTS 2/1/1989 Provides guidance on use of Section 215 of the Flood Control Act of 1968 to reimburse a non-Federal public body for construction of part of an authorized Federal project.
ER 70-3-9 CERD-M Management and Execution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Military Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) Program 3/31/1989 Prescribes the management and execution responsibilities and procedures (including planning, programming, execution, documentation and review) for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Research & Development (R&D) program funded by Army Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation (RDT&E) appropriations as required by ER 70-1-5.
ER 1165-2-131 CECW-RN LOCAL COOPERATION AGREEMENTS FOR NEW START CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS 4/15/1989 Provides guidance on procedures and responsibilities for developing, submitting, and obtaining approval of LCAs for specifically authorized new construction starts.
ER 1110-1-1401 CECW-EH CECW-EG CECW-EB Interlaboratory Testing Program for Chemical Analyses 5/15/1989 Establishes an interlaboratory chemical analyses testing program, for USCE laboratories performing water quality and sediment testing and related chemical analyses.
ER 1165-2-130 CECW-PR FEDERAL PARTICIPATION IN SHORE PROTECTION 6/15/1989 Provides policies and guidelines for determining the extent of Federal participation in potential federal projects for protection from shore erosion, hurricanes, and abnormal tidal and lake flooding that result in damages or losses to coastal resources and/or development.
ER 1110-2-2902 CECW-EH-D Prescribed Procedures for the Maintenance and Operation of Shore Protection Works 6/30/1989 Provides specific performance requirements and guidance for accomplishing the satisfactory maintenance and operation of shore protection works, including coastal structures, beach fill projects, and protective dunes.
ER 1110-2-1460 CECW-EH-Y Hydrologic Engineering Management 7/7/1989 Defines the scope, authorities, and management requirements for hydrologic engineering activities within the Corps of Engineers.
ER 10-1-11 CERM-OO U.S. Army Engineer Housing Support Center 7/20/1989 Please contact the Publications POC.
ER 415-345-13 CEMP-CM Financial Closeout 8/15/1989 Establishes policy for financial closeout of projects after acceptance of military contracts.
ER 1165-2-27 CECW-PR ESTABLISHEMENT OF WETLANDS AREAS IN CONNECTION WITH DREDGING 8/18/1989 Provides guidance for the establishment of wetland areas in connection with dredging required as part of water resources development projects.
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