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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 1165-2-114 CECW-PR USE OF EXCESS POWER REVENUES TO ASSIST IN REPAYMENT OF IRRIGATION COSTS 6/25/1964 Summarizes the position of the Chief of Engineers with respect to the use of excess power revenues to assist in repayment of irrigation costs associated with Federal irrigation projects.
ER 10-1-5 CERM-MO Mississippi River Commission 6/15/1965 Sets forth the organization of the Mississippi River Commission and defines its mission.
ER 1130-2-314 CECW-OM / CEMP-RE NONDISCRIMINATION IN FEDERALL ASSISTED PROGRAMS 5/26/1967 Prescribes procedures for implementing the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as it pertains to Civil Works project and activities and provides guidance for conducting compliance reviews and reporting.
ER 1150-2-301 ENGCW-OC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES - LOCAL COOPERATION 9/1/1967 States the policies and procedures for all USACE elements performing Civil Works functions with regard to the construction of project which require local cooperation.
ER 1110-2-1925 CECW-EG Field Control Data for Earth and Rockfill Dams 7/3/1969 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for reporting field control data for earth and rockfill dams.
ER 1130-2-337 CECW-OP ASSIGNMENT OF OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE EXPENSES TO PROPER COST ACCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE-PURPOSE PROJECTS WITH POWER 7/15/1969 Establishes standard guidelines for making charges to cost account numbers for specific operation and maintenance duties and other expenses at multiple-purpose projects with power and project without at-site power which provide down stream hydroelectric power benefits.
ER 405-1-1020 CERE-PS, DAEN-REP-S Records and Reports - Leaseholds (RCS: DAEN-RE-8 (R4)) 8/30/1974 Prescribes real estate records and reports pertaining to real estate leases, allocations and rent-free space and contains instructions for the preparation thereof.
ER 690-1-250 CEHR-HL Staff Reviews and Evaluation (RCS: DAEN-PEC-17) 3/7/1978 Provides for continuing review of civilian personnel office operations.
ER 70-1-12 CERD, DAEN-RD In-House Laboratory Independent Research Program 7/24/1978 Prescribes policies and responsibilities for conducting the In-House Laboratory Independent Research (ILIR) Program.
ER 1110-2-1451 CECW-EH Acquisition of Lands Downstream from Spillways for Hydrologic Safety Purposes 8/10/1978 Provides guidance on the acquisition of lands downstream from spillways for the purpose of protecting the public from hazards imposed by spillway discharges. Guidance contained herein is in addition to ER 405-2-150.
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