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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 405-1-19 CEMP-CR Real Estate: Acquisition By Condemnation Proceedings 5/29/2015 ER 405-1-12, Chapter 5, Acquistion, 5 Sept 78, was rescinded by ER 405-1
ER 405-1-20 CEMP-CR Real Estate - Federal Legislative Jurisdiction and Annexation 9/30/2013 This Regulation describes the types of legislative and general procedures and responsibilities relates to the acquisition and retrocession of federal legislative jurisdiction over land areas under the control of the Dept of the Army.
ER 405-1-21 CEMP-CR Claims and Damages 8/14/2017 This Engineer Regulation (ER) describes the policies and procedures governing the administration of claims involving real estate that are founded on express or implied-in-fact contracts.
ER 405-1-1020 CERE-PS, DAEN-REP-S Records and Reports - Leaseholds (RCS: DAEN-RE-8 (R4)) 8/30/1974 Prescribes real estate records and reports pertaining to real estate leases, allocations and rent-free space and contains instructions for the preparation thereof.
ER 405-3-10 CEMP-CR Planning - Military 10/31/2013 This regulation sets forth the authority, policy, responsibility and delegations for Military-Planning for acquisition of real property for use by DA
ER 405-4-1 CEMP-CR Army and Air Force Basic Real Estate Agreements 2/11/2019 This regulation implement AR 10-87, Army Commands , Army Service Component Commands and Direct Reporting Units and AFPD 32–90, Real Property Asset Management. It explains the agreements between the Air Force and Army for the acquisition, outgrant, and disposal of real property, as well as other property uses. This regulation does not apply to base closures handled by the Air Force
ER 415-1-10 CECW-CE Contractor Submittal Procedures 4/30/2012
ER 415-1-11 CECW-CE Biddability, Constructability, Operability, Environmental and Sustainability (BCOES) Reviews 1/1/2013 Establishes policy and systematic procedures for conducting effective reviews of a project's Biddability, Environmental, and Sustainability (BCOES) characteristics.
ER 415-1-13 CEMP-CE Design and Construction Evaluation (DCS) 2/29/1996 Prescribes the administrative and technical evaluation and reporting system for the Military and Civil Works Construction Program.
ER 415-1-15 CEMP-CP Construction Time Extensions for Weather 10/31/1989 Provides guidance for establishing contract time adjustments for delays resulting from unusually severe weather.
ER 415-1-16 CEMP-CM Fiscal Management 9/30/1993 This regulation establishes the policies andprocedures to be used in the financial management of the construction function at the district/operating major subordinate command (MSC) level.
ER 415-1-17 CECW-CE Construction Contractor Performance Evaluations 1/24/2012 Establishes procedures for evaluating construction contractor performance.
ER 415-2-100 CECW-OC Staffing for Civil Works Projects 1/15/1993 Establishes and affirms policies and procedures governing construction staffing for Civil Works projects.
ER 415-4-41 CEMP-MF Work Authorization and Funds for Air Force and Air Force Military Construction 3/31/1993 Prescribes the procedures and responsibilities for funding and authorization of Air Force Reserve and Air Force Family Housing military construction (MILCON) projects from design through construction.
ER 415-345-13 CEMP-CM Financial Closeout 8/15/1989 Establishes policy for financial closeout of projects after acceptance of military contracts.
ER 415-345-38 CEMP-EC Transfer and Warranties 6/30/2000 Prescribes U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) policy and procedures for the transfer of completed construction projects and for implementing warranties.
ER 500-1-1 CECW-OE Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources - Civil Emergency Management Program 9/30/2001 Prescribes policies for the Civil Emergency Management (CEM) Program of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) under the authories of 33 USC 701n (commonly referred to as Public Law (PL) 84-99); the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 USC 5121 et seq) Army Regulation (AR) 500-60, Disaster Relief; and Engineer Regulation (ER) 1130-2-530, Flood Control Operations and Maintenance Policies.
ER 500-1-2 CECW-OE-P Corps of Engineers Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution Systems (CEMOPES) Theater of Operations (TO) 10/30/1995 Planning and Execution System (CEMOPES) - Theater of Operations (TO), is the US Army Corps of Engineers single integrated mobilization, deployment and execution planning system to support TO military contingencies.
ER 500-1-18 CECW-OE-P Corps of Engineers Continuity of Operations Planning System (CECOPS 3/30/1985 CECOPS provides policy and planning guidance for the continuity of essential operations of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) during an impending or actual national emergency.
ER 500-1-20 CECW-OE-D USACE R&D and Other Separate FOA Support to Preparedness, Response and Recovery for Emergencies and Disasters 10/15/1985 Provides guidance and procedures for utilization of US Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development (R&D) activities and other separate field (FOA), in support of emergency preparedness for and operations due to natural and/or man-made disasters.
ER 500-1-24 CECW-OE-E Corps of Engineers Command Readiness Exercise Program 9/1/1987 Electronic version of document unavailable.
ER 500-1-28 CECW-HS Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources - National Response Planning Guide 1/31/2011 Establishes policy, provides planning guidance and assigns responsibilities to ensure timely execution of Emergency Support Function (ESF) #3, Public Works and Engineering, in support of the National Response Framework (NRF), and for high impact, low probability catastrophic events, as determined by Headquarters, USACE (HQUSACE).
ER 500-1-30 CEDC-G3 Emergency Employment of Army and Other Resources: The Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS) 12/1/2019 Prescribes the policy, requirements, and procedures for the command and control (C2), and operation and maintenance of the Deployable Tactical Operations System (DTOS) for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
ER 550-1-1 CECC-J Foreign Countries and Nationals - International Agreements 10/1/1984 Prescribes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for the negotiation, forwarding, and depositing of international agreements entered into on behalf of the USACE pursuant to the authority of the Chief of Engineers.
ER 570-2-2 CERM-UP Management of Civil Functions, Civilian Manpower by the Workyear System 2/1/1985 Provides policies and procedures for management of Civil functions civilian manpower by the workyear system.
ER 600-1-54 CEHR-Z FamilyReadiness Deployment Cycle or Families: Requirements to Assist Family Members During the Deployment of US Army Corps of Engineers Soldiers and Civilian employees. 5/17/2010 Assigns responsibilities and establish policies and procedures to assist USACE Soldiers, Department of the Army (DA) Civilian employees, and Family members during deployments in support of an overseas contingency operation or disaster response.
ER 670-3-1 CESM Distinctive Unit Insignia and Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for US Army Corps of Engineers and Regimental Distinctive Unit Insignia for the Corps of Engineers 12/30/1988 Prescribes the policy concerning the wear of the US Army Corps of Engineers distinctive unit insignia (DUI) and shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI), and regimental distinctive unit insignia (RDUI) for members of the Corps of Engineers regiment.
ER 690-1-414 CEHR-H Proponent-Sponsored Engineer Corps Training (PROSPECT) 6/22/1987 Provides guidance to the organizations and individuals involved with the PROSPECT Program.
ER 690-1-500 CEHR-E Position Management and Classification 6/1/2022 Provides human resources policy guidance, procedures, and criteria for the position management and classification program in the USACE
ER 690-1-711 CEHR-L Labor-Management Relations 1/25/1984 Provides the USACE policy on the Labor-Management Relations Program.
ER 690-1-1200 CEHR-OT Completion, Submission, Approval and Distribution of the Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certificate of Training and Reimbursement Form (DD Form 1556) 11/1/1983 Assigns responsibility and establishes procedures for the use of the DD Form 1556, "Request, Authorization, Agreement, Certification of Training and Reimbursement".
ER 690-1-1203 CEHR-E Corporate Recruitment and Selection 11/30/2019 his policy guidance defines the requirements and processes for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) corporate recruitment and selection of applicable positions covered under the General Schedule (GS), Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) and positions in the Laboratory Personnel Demonstration Project (Lab Demo)
ER 690-1-1212 CEHR-E / CECW-E / CEMP-ZB Professional Registration as a Selective Placement Factor 3/31/2004
ER 690-1-1213 CEHR-E Civilian Personnel - Administrative Reemployment Rights for Certain USACE Employees 4/17/2023 Contains guidance on, establishes procedures for, granting and enforcing administrative reemployment rights for USCE personnel in Alaska and Hawaii, and also for all personnel under a PCS and/or TCS in support of programs of national interest.
ER 690-1-1214 CEHR-D Civilian Personnel - USACE Leadership Development Program (LDP) 2/28/2011 To develop results oriented, agile leaders with broad perspectives who lead people and lead change successfully in complex environments.  The Corps will use the DoD Civilian Leader Development Framework to develop our leaders.
ER 690-1-1215 CEHR-D USACE Telework Program 5/13/2021 This regulation prescribes policies, assigns responsibilities, and outlines procedures for participation in the USACE Telework Program.
ER 690-1-1217 CEHR-E Hiring and Retention Incentives 7/10/2017 This regulation defines hiring and retention incentives available for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recruitment and retention of applicable positions covered under the General Schedule (GS), Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) and positions in the Laboratory Personnel Demonstration Project (Lab Demo).
ER 690-1-1218 CEHR Civilian Drug-Free Workplace Program 6/30/2021 This regulation prescribes policies, assigns responsibilities, and outlines detailed instructions and administrative procedures for the USACE Civilian Drug-Free Workplace Program.
ER 700-1-1 CELD-ZA USACE Supply Policies and Procedures 4/30/2015 Provides policy for the acquisition, accountability, management, and disposal of supplies and personal property used within USACE.
ER 750-1-1 CELD-MS Materiel Maintenance Policies 1/30/1997 Sets policy and establishes responsibilities for the maintenance of military and civil personal property.
ER 840-1-1 CECG Use and Display of Flags by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 11/1/2019 Specifies the procedures to be followed for the use and display of all flags, including the major command flag, the major subordinate command flag, and USACE' "castle" flag.
ER 870-1-1 CEHO Field Operating Activities Historical Programs 4/30/1990 Establishes the general responsibilities and procedures governing field operating activities (FOA) historical programs.
ER 1100-2-8162 CECW-CE / CECW-P Incorporating Sea level Changes in Civil Works Programs 6/15/2019 his Regulation provides United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) guidance for incorporating the direct and indirect physical effects of projected future sea level change across the project life cycle in managing, planning, engineering, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining USACE projects and systems of projects.
ER 1105-2-100 CECW-P Planning Guidance Notebook 4/22/2000 Appendix H is superseded by EP 1105-2-61; Guidance for evaluation framework used in USACE flood damage reduction studies.
ER 1105-2-101 CECW-CP /CECW-CE Risk Assessment for Flood Risk Management Studies with Errata Sheet 7/15/2019 This regulation provides guidance on risk assessment requirements for flood management studies including but not limited to feasibility studies, post-authorization changes, general reevaluation studies, dam and levee safety studies, and major rehabilitation studies
ER 1105-2-102 CECW-P Watershed Studies 4/1/2022 This Regulation establishes an accountable strategy for conducting watershed studies withU.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) participation.
ER 1105-2-103 CECW-P Policy for Conducting Civil Works Planning Studies 11/7/2023 Supersedes Chapters 1-2 of ER 1105-2-100 dated 22April2000
ER 1110-1-5 CECW-EG Plant Pest Quarantined Areas and Foreign Soil Samples, ENG Form 1743, ENG Form 1743A 7/25/1984 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for the removal of all service and construction equipment from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests, and the identification, shipping, storage, testing, and disposal of soils from areas quarantined because of serious plant pests and soils from foreign sources, U. S. territories and possessions, and Hawaii.
ER 1110-1-261 CECW-EG CECW-EH CECW-EC Quality Assurance of Laboratory Testing Procedures 4/28/1999 Prescribes responsibilities and procedures for materials and water quality testing performed by and for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district offices.
ER 1110-1-1300 CEMP-EC CECW-EC Cost Engineering Policy and General Requirements 3/26/1993 Provides cost engineering policy, guidance, and procedures for all projects assigned to USACE for Civil Works, Military, and Environmental Restoration Programs
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