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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EM 1110-2-1417 CECW-EH Flood-Runoff Analysis 8/31/1994 This manual describes methods for evaluating flood-runoff characteristics of watersheds. Guidance is provided in selecting and applying such methods to support the various investigations required for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) civil works activities.
EM 1110-2-1418 CECW-EH-D Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects 10/31/1994 Provides assistance for determining potential channel instability and sedimentation effects in flood control projects.
EM 1110-2-1419 CECW-EH-Y Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Flood Damage Reduction Studies 1/31/1995 This manual presents basic principles and technical procedures for hydrologic engineering analysis of flood damage reduction measures.
EM 1110-2-1420 CECW-EC Engineering and Design Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Reservoirs 9/24/2018 This manual provides guidance to field office personnel for hydrologic engineering investigations for planning and design of reservoir projects
EM 1110-2-1421 CECW-EH Groundwater Hydrology 2/28/1999 Provides guidance to Corps of Engineers personnel who are responsible for groundwater-related projects.
EM 1110-2-1424 CECW-CE Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids 1/29/2016 This EM supersedes EM 1110-2-1424, Dated 28 Feb 99
EM 1110-2-1601 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Flood Control Channels 7/1/1991 Presents procedures for the design analysis and criteria of design for improved channels that carry rapid and/or tranquil flows.
EM 1110-2-1602 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Reservoir Outlet Works 10/15/1980 This manual presents guidance for the hydraulic design  and analysis of reservoir outlet works facilities.
EM 1110-2-1603 CECW-ED-H Hydraulic Design of Spillways 1/16/1990 Provides guidance for the hydraulic design of spillways for flood control or multi  dams.
EM 1110-2-1604 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Navigation Locks 5/1/2006 Presents the results of research, design studies, and operation experience as guidance for the hydraulic design of navigation locks.
EM 1110-2-1605 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design of Navigation Dams 5/12/1987 Provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the hydraulic design of navigation dams.
EM 1110-2-1606 CECW-EH-D Hydraulic Design - Surges in Canals - Change 1 3/1/1949 Problem of surges which occur in navigation canals as a result of lock operations, since a full discussion of other unsteady flow phenomena which may occur in open channels would be feasible only in a large treatise.
EM 1110-2-1607 CECW-EH-D Tidal Hydraulics 3/15/1991 Provides current guidance and engineering procedures for the solution of tidal hydraulics problems.
EM 1110-2-1610 CECW-CE Hydraulic Design of Lock Culvert Valves 9/30/2018 Presents hydraulic design data on control valves for navigation lock filling and emptying systems
EM 1110-2-1611 CECW-ED Layout and Design of Shallow-Draft Waterways 12/31/1980 Provides guidance for planning, layout and design of shallow-draft waterways
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