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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ER 360-1-1 CEPA Public Affairs 10/31/2013 This regulation establishes policies and procedures, assigns responsibilities and provides direction and guidance for conducting the Public Affairs Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
ER 360-1-2 CEIM-SV Unified Visual Communication System 4/2/1982 Establishes the Corps' Unified Visual Communication System and prescribes policy, responsibilities and guidelines for implementation.
ER 380-1-18 CEPM-S-FL Technology Transfer, Disclosure of Information and Contacts with Foreign Representatives 8/1/1996 The purpose of this regulation is to establish security policy, responsibility, and guidance for control of foreign visitors during visits to Corps' facilities, foreign participation in unclassified contracts, foreign liaison officers and/or exchange officers, and the release of USACE information to foreign nationals and governments.
ER 385-1-31 CESO The Control of Hazardous Energy 11/1/2009 Errata Sheet No.2, Page 7-4, Paragraph 7-3(a): change the word “oversee” to the phrase “coordinate with” To establish consistent procedures and criteria for the safe and reliable control of hazardous energy at USACE operated facilities with full implementation as is practical, but within no longer than two years from the date of this regulation only for items that require budget adjustments to accomplish.
ER 385-1-40 CESO Occupational Health Program 9/20/2010 Prescribes policies, outlines responsibilities, and provides procedures for the development and execution of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Occupational Health (OH) Program
ER 385-1-80 CESO Ionizing Radiation Protection 6/30/2010 Assigns safety and health responsibilities to Safely and effectively, use radioactive materials.
ER 385-1-85 CESO Safety and Occupational Health Program Management Evaluation 7/31/1991 Establishes policy and programs for evaluating the efforts of USACE major subordinate commands, laboratories, and separate field operating activities in managing their Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Programs in accordance with upper-level directives.
ER 385-1-86 CESO U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dive Program 9/20/2010 Precribes policies, program responsibilites, and qualifications of personnel for underwater diving operations performed by the US Army Corps of Engineers employees.
ER 385-1-89 CESO Hearing Conservation Program 10/15/2012 The purpose of this document is to prevent occupational related hearing loss among U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) personnel
ER 385-1-90 CESO Safety-Respiratory Protection Policy 4/30/2020 To establish a respiratory protection program for the Corps of Engineers in order to reduce occupational repiratory disease and related respiratory problems among USACE personnel.
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