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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 1105-2-58 CECW-P Continuing Authorities Program 3/31/2019 This appendix provides the policy and procedural guidance for planning, design, and implementation of projects pursued under the legislative and administrative provisions of the Continuing Authorities Program (CAP).  CAP consists of a group of nine legislative authorities under which the Secretary of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers, is authorized to plan, design, and implement certain types of water resources projects without additional project specific congressional authorization.  Table 1 lists the CAP authorities, the Authority/Title is the commonly referenced name based on the “section” of the Act which first provided the authority.  Overview and policies for each purpose are found in the identified Chapter 3 of Engineer Regulation (ER) 1105-2-100.  This EP supersedes/rescinds Appendix F of ER 1105-2-100 Planning Guidance Notebook.
EP 1165-2-314 CECW-PF Flood Proofing 12/15/1995 A purpose statement is not given in this pamphlet, instead the first sentence of the Preface is entered here:                                                                                                                        The original EP 1165-2-314, Flood-Proofing Regulations, was published in June of 1972. It has been distributed worldwide as an administrative and technical model for code design and enforcement. Over the years, it has been adopted by direct reference in thousands of local building codes across the United States. It also has served as the framework for the preparation of numerous other flood proofing publications, the flood resistant design criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program, and the development of similar design
standards within the major national building code organizations.
EP 1100-1-1 CECW-Z Federal Support Toolbox for IWRM 5/13/2013 Provide a comprehensive on-line toolbox
of water information across all levels of
government and organizations
EP 870-1-76 CEERD-HT The U.S. Army Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Board: 50 Years of Service to the Nation (1963–2013) 9/30/2017
EP 870-1-1 CEHO Historical Vignettes - Volume 2 5/18/1979 These Historical Vignettes reflect in miniature the United States Army Corps of Engineers' many contributions to the American nations in peace and war.
EP 870-1-10 CEHO Shaping Environmental Awareness: The United States Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board, 1970-1980 1/1/1983 In response to the growing concern of environmental sensitivity which swept the United States in the 1970s, evident in myriad laws, executive orders, and regulations, the US Corps of Engineers needed to change considerably its way of planning and developing civil works projects.
EP 870-1-11 CEHO Engineer Profiles: The District Engineer Interviews with Colonel William W. Badger 7/1/1983 Over the years the program of the Corps of Engineers has changed significantly.  National goals have changed with the times, and the amount of money and manpower to carry them out has vaired as well.
EP 870-1-12 CEHO Engineer Memoirs: Major General William E. Potter 7/1/1983 Major General William E. Potter had a distinguished career, first as an Engineer officer and then, in provate life, as a manager in two major construction projects -- the 1965 World's Fair and Disney World.
EP 870-1-13 CEHO Financing Water Resources Development: - A Brief History 7/1/1983 BY any reasonable indicator, the cost of future Civil Works projects exceeds the available Federal financial resources now and for the foreseeable future.
EP 870-1-14 CEHO The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Issues in the Twentieth Century - A Bibliography 1/1/1984 Few issues are more complex than how to protect life and property without doing permanent and disastrous damage to the environment.
EP 870-1-16 CEHO "Dear Friends at Home..." The letters and Diary of Thomas James Owen, Fiftieth New York Volunteer Engineer Regiment during the Civil War 1/1/1985 This is the fourth publication in the series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies.  It reproduces the personal letters and diary of an Engineer soldier who served in the Civil War
EP 870-1-18 CEHO Engineer Memoirs - Major General Hugh J. Casey 12/31/1993 In January 1980, Lieutenant General John W. Morris, then Chief of Engineers, directed leading military and Engineer Memoirs previously untapped.  This interview the Historical Division to capture the remembrances of the civilian members of the Corps of Engineers.
EP 870-1-19 CEHO The Corps, the Environment, and the Upper Mississippi River Basin 8/1/1984 Dr. Raymond Merritt presents in this book, the third volume in the Corps' Environmental History Series, an analysis of those historical deveopments and concersn that have affected life in the upper Mississippi River basin.
EP 870-1-2 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies Number One (Journal of the Kearny Expedition of 1845) 6/1/1979 This is the first in a new series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies which we hope will make available to Corps personnel and the general public significant documents in Engineer history.
EP 870-1-20 CEHO From the Atlantic to the Great Lakes: A History of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the St. Lawrence Seaway 10/1/1984 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned and supervised the construction of the United States' section of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
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