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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 1110-2-17 CECW-EC A Guide to Public Alerts and Warning for Dam and Levee Emergencies 4/30/2019 To assist the emergency manager in issuing more timely and effective public alert and warning messages for floods caused by dam breaches, controlled dam releases, and levee breaches or overtopping.
EP 1100-2-1 CECW-EC/CECW-P Procedures to Evaluate Sea Level Change: Impacts, Response, and Adaptation 6/30/2019 provides instructional and procedural guidance to analyze and adapt to the direct and indirect physical and ecological effects of projected future sea level change (SLC) on USACE projects and systems of projects needed to implement Engineer Regulation (ER) 1100-2-8162.
EP 1110-2-12 CECW-ED Seismic Design Provisions for Roller Compacted Concrete Dams 9/30/1995 The purpose of this engineer pamphlet (EP) is to provide preliminary guidance and direction for the earthquake-resistant design of new roller compacted concrete (RCC) dams, and for the evaluation of safety and serviceability of existing RCC dams subjected to earthquake loading.
EP 1110-1-15 CECW-EG Cooperation with State Geological Surveys 3/31/1994 The purpose of this pamphlet is to encourage USACE cooperation and coordination with State Geological Surveys.
EP 1110-1-9 CECW-EG Liquid Limit Grooving Tools 2/26/1982 to advise field offices of the availability and source of plastic liquid limit grooving tools, meeting Corps of Engineers specifications.
EP 690-2-3 CECW-EG Guidelines for the Career Development of Geotechnical Engineers 2/15/1998 The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) must continue to develop and maintain a highly-trained and experienced geotechnical staff to support the engineering activities associated with the civil works program.
EP 1110-2-11 CECW-EH Ice Jam Flooding: Causes and Possible Solutions 11/30/1994 This pamphlet disseminates the results of research conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory on the causes and possible solutions to ice jam flooding problems.
EP 1110-2-14 CECW-EH Monograph Prepared by M. Petersen on Inland Navigation and Canalization 11/30/1997 This pamphlet disseminates a monograph complied by Margaret Sara Petersen, Emerita Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, the University of Arizona.
EP 1110-2-8 CECW-EH-Y Explaining Flood Risk 4/30/1992 A purpose statement is not given in this pamphlet, instead the Forward is entered here:                                                                                                                                                            Floods are the most frequent natural disaster in the United States and cause large losses of life and property.  The problem is worsening as population growth and
urbanization outpace implementation of flood loss reduction measures.  A key reason for the failure to take action on flood problems often is a lack of understanding of the nature and extent of the flood risk on the part of local officials and the general public in threatened areas.  This booklet aims at improving the technical expert�s
skills in communicating information about flood risk to local officials and the public. It discusses the most important concepts and techniques of effective
communication and points out problems that can impede understanding. It also provides suggestions for dealing with the media.
EP 1110-2-9 CECW-EH-Y Hydrologic Engineering Study Design 7/31/1994 Current planning and management guidance for civil works studies requires careful technical activity management. Hydrologic engineering is a critical item,
especially for feasibility investigations.
EP 1110-1-16 CECW-EP Handbook for the Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for Construction Activities 2/28/1997 This pamphlet provides guidance for the preparation and development of plans for the prevention
of storm water pollution at construction projects. Section 402 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (the Clean Water Act) requires that such plans be made.
EP 75-1-3 CECW-ET Explosives - Recovered Chemical Warfare Materiel (RCWM) Response Process 11/30/2004 This pamphlet provides detailed procedures on the process to be used to manage and execute all aspects of Recovered Chemical Warfare Materiel (RCWM) response actions.
EP 11-1-320 CECW-HS Civil Works Emergency Management Programs Financial Management Process 10/31/2017 This Engineer Pamphlet prescribes procedures for the US Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Management Community of Practice for the management and execution of programming, funding, and budgeting processes that support the USACE Emergency Management Program.
EP 690-1-824 CECW-HS Career Development and Training Guide for the Emergency Management Community of Practice and Contingency Operations Workforce 7/31/2015 Applicability. This guide applies specifically to HQUSACE elements, Divisions, Districts, Field Operating Activities (FOA), Labs, and Centers of Exprestise
EP 1105-2-10 CECW-MP Six Steps to a Civil Works Project 5/1/1990 Contact publications representative for more information.
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