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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EM 1110-2-2000 CECW-EG Standard Practice for Concrete for Civil Works Structures Proponent: CECW-EG 3/31/2001 Provides information and guidance for the investigation and selection of concrete materials for civil works concrete structures. Elements discussed include design studies and reports, preparation of contract plans and specifications, construction preparation, and concrete construction quality verification.
EM 1110-2-2002 CECW-EG Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures 6/30/1995 Provides guidance on evaluating the condition of the concrete in a structure, relating the condition of the concrete to the underlying cause or causes of that condition, selecting an appropriate repair material and method for any deficiency found, and using the selected materials and methods to repair or rehabilitate the structure.
EM 1110-2-2006 CECW-EG Roller-Compacted Concrete 1/15/2000 Provides information and guidance on the use of roller compacted concrete (RCC) in dams and other civil works structures. Elements discussed include investigation and selection of materials, mixture proportioning, material properties, design and construction considerations, construction methods and equipment, Government Quality Assurance/Contractor Quality Control, and performance.
EM 1110-2-2007 CECW-ED Structural Design of Concrete Lined Flood Control Channels 4/30/1995 Provides guidance for the design of reinforced, concrete lined flood control channels which convey rapid and tranquil storm water flows to prevent flooding.
EM 1110-2-2100 CECW-CE Stability Analysis of Concrete Structures 12/1/2005 Provides guidance for stability analysis of concrete gravity structures.
EM 1110-2-2102 CECW-EG Water stops and Other Preformed Joint Materials for Civil Works Structures 9/30/1995 Provides guidance for the selection and use of water stops and other preformed joint materials for preventing passage of excessive amounts of water, water-borne matter, gases, other fluids, and other unwanted substances into or through the joints of concrete structures.
EM 1110-2-2104 CECW-CE Strength Design for Reinforced Concrete Hydraulic Structures 11/30/2016 This manual supersedes EM 1110-2-2104, dated 20 August 2003. Provides guidance for designing reinforced concrete hydraulic structures by the strength design method.
EM 1110-2-2200 CECW-ED Gravity Dam Design 6/30/1995 Provides technical criteria and guidance for the planning and design of concrete gravity dams for civil works projects.
EM 1110-2-2201 CECW-ED Arch Dam Design 5/31/1994 Provides information and guidance on the design, analysis, and construction of concrete arch dams.
EM 1110-2-2300 CECW-EG General Design and Construction Considerations For Earth and Rock-Fill Dams 7/30/2004 This manual presents fundamental principles underlying the design and construction of earth and rock-fill dams. The general principles presented herein are also applicable to the design and construction of earth levees.
EM 1110-2-2301 CECW-EG Test Quarries and Test Fills 9/30/1994 This manual establishes criteria and provides guidance for the investigations preceding test quarries, for the development of test quarries, and for the planning and conduct of compacted test fill programs at civil works projects.
EM 1110-2-2302 CECW-EG Construction with Large Stone 10/24/1990 This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance for the selection, evaluation, and use of large-stone materials in construction.
EM 1110-2-2400 CECW Structural Design and Evaluation of Outlet Works 6/2/2003 Provides guidance for the planning and structural design and analysis of intake structures and other outlet works features used on US Army Corps of Engineers projects for flood control, water supply, water quality and temperature control, recreation, or hydropower.
EM 1110-2-2502 CECW-ED Retaining and Flood Walls 9/29/1989 Provides guidance for the safe design and economical construction of retaining and flood walls. This manual is intended primarily for retaining walls which will be subjected to hydraulic loadings such as flowing water, submergence, wave action, and spray, exposure to chemically contaminated atmosphere, and/or severe climatic conditions.
EM 1110-2-2503 CECW-EP Design of Sheet Pile Cellular Structures Cofferdams and Retaining Structures 6/11/1990 Provisions for the design of sheet pile cellular cofferdams are set forth in ER 1110-2-2901.
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