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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EM 1110-2-3800 CECW-EC Engineering and Design Blasting for Rock Excavations. 10/30/2018 Describes theory, concepts, and procedures surrounding rock excavation through the use of blasting agents and methods for use on Civil Works and Military Construction projects. Provide guidance to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel (USACE) involved in the planning, design, monitoring, or implementation of blasting programs for rock excavation
EM 1110-2-4000 CECW-EH-Y Sedimentation Investigations of Rivers and Reservoirs 10/31/1995 Provides current guidance and engineering procedures for river and reservoir sedimentation investigations.
EM 1110-2-4205 CECW-EE Hydroelectric Power Plants Mechanical Design 6/30/1995 Provides guidance and criteria pertinent to the design and selection of hydroelectric power plant mechanical equipment and systems.
EM 1110-2-4300 CECW-ED Instrumentation for Concrete Structures 11/30/1987 Provides guidance and information related to the instrumentation of concrete structures and the measurement of structural behavior.
EM 1110-2-5025 CECW-EW Engineering and Design, Dredging and Dredged Material Management 7/31/2015 This manual supersedes EM 1110-2-5025, 25 March 1983; EM 1110-2-5026, 30 June 1987; and EM 1110-2-5027, 30 September 1987.
EM 1110-2-5026 CECW-EG-D Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material 6/30/1987 Provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, and managing dredged material for beneficial uses, incorporating ecological concepts and engineering designs with biological, economical, and social feasibility.
EM 1110-2-6050 CECW-ET Response Spectra and Seismic Analysis for Concrete Hydraulic Structures 6/30/1999 Describes the development and use of response spectra for the seismic analysis of concrete hydraulic structures. The manual provides guidance regarding how earthquake ground motions are characterized as design response spectra and how they are then used in the process of seismic structural analysis and design.
EM 1110-2-6051 CECW-EW Time-History Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Hydraulic Structures 12/22/2003 This manual describes procedures for the linear-elastic time-history dynamic analysis and development of acceleration time-history dynamic analysis for seismic design and evaluation of concrete hydraulic structures (CHS).
EM 1110-2-6053 CECW-CE Earthquake Design and Evaluation of Concrete Hydraulic Structures 5/1/2007 Provides guidance for performance-based design and evaluation of concrete hydraulic structures (CHS).
EM 1110-2-6054 CECW-ED Inspection, Evaluation and Repair of Hydraulic Steel Structures 12/1/2001 Describes the inspection, evaluation, and repair of hydraulic steel structures, including preinspection identification of critical locations (such as fracture critical members and various connections) that require close examination.
EM 1110-2-6055 CECW-CE / CECW-CO Inland Electronic Navigational Chart Engineering Manual 2/27/2015 This manual provides technical and administrative guidance for development, production, publication, and maintenance oflnland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENCs).
EM 1110-2-6056 CECW-CE Standards and Procedures for Referencing Project Evaluation Grades to Nationwide Vertical Datum's 12/31/2010 Provides technical guidance for referencing project elevation grades to nationwide vertical datum's established and maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It supplements ER 1110-2-8160 (Policies for Referencing Project Elevation Grades to Nationwide Vertical Datum's) that requires controlling elevations and local datums on USACE projects shall be properly and accurately referenced to nationwide spatial reference systems used by other Federal, state, and local agencies responsible for flood forecasting, inundation modeling, water control, flood insurance rate maps, navigation charting, and topographic mapping.
EM 1110-3-130 CEMP-ET Geometrics for Roads, Streets, Walks, and Open Storage Areas - Mobilization Construction 4/9/1984 Provides guidance for design and layout of roads, streets, walks, and open storage areas for U .S  Army mobilization facilities .
EM 1110-3-131 CEMP-ET Flexible Pavements for Roads, Streets, Walks and Open Storage Areas - Mobilization Construction 4/9/1984 Provides guidance for designing flexible pavements for roads, streets, walks, and open storage areas for U .S  Army mobilization facilities .
EM 1110-3-132 CEMP-ET Rigid Pavements for Roads, Streets, Walks and Open Storage Areas - Mobilization Construction 4/9/1984 Provides guidance for the design of rigid pavements for roads, streets, walks and open storage areas at U .S  Army mobilization installations .
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