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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
UN 18 CEHO The Corps Responds: A History of the Susquehanna Engineer District and Tropical Storm Agnes Examines the Corps' response to Tropical Storm Agnes, focusing in depth on the formation of the Susquehanna District, its mission performance and subsequent deactivation.
UN 19 CEHO A History of the U.S. Army Engineer Studies Center, 1943-1982 Traces the development of the Engineer Studies Center as an organization and analyzes the evolution of its study programs from 1943 to 1982.
UN 20 CEHO United States Army in World War II - The Corps of Engineers: Construction in the United States Presents the story of military construction during World War II primarily from the point of view of the Corps of Engineers as revealed in its records and its participants. Does justice to the work of the Quartermaster Corps from which the engineers inherited responsibility for military construction in the United States in 1940 and 1941.
UN 21 CEHO United States Army in World War II - The Corps of Engineers: Troops and Equipment Tells how the Corps organized and planned and prepared for its tasks, how it trained its troops, and how it obtained equipment during World War II.
UN 23 CEHO Custodians of the Coast - History of the United States Army Engineers at Galveston Describes the relation between the men and women of the Army Corps of Engineers at Galveston who worked together with residents of the Texas Gulf Coast  to develop and protect the Coast.
UN 24 CEHO Army Engineers and the Development of Oregon: A History of the Portland District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Presents a timely narrative and pictorial record of the Corps of Engineers in Oregon (Portland District) for over 110 years.
UN 25 (same as EP 870-1-71/ CMH Pub 45-1) CEHO Building for Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe, 1945-1991 This study of nearly half a century of military construction in Europe serves to record both the achievements of the past and some key lessons learned.
UN 16 CEHO The District: A History of the Philadelphia District - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 1866-1971 1/1/1974 Describes major features of the Philadelphia District's activities, the details and methods of coping with the practical engineering problems of the day. Throughout each chapter will run the thread of imaginative thinking and creative ingenuity by both military and civilian as they met the challenges before them.
UN 22 CEHO The Falls City Engineers - A History of the Louisville District Corps of Engineers United States Army 12/24/1974 Traces the origins of the Louisville Engineer District from its beginnings, when British Army Engineers first explored and mapped the Ohio Valley frontier and Colonel Jonathan Williams, first Chief of the modern Corps of Engineers, descended the Ohio River in a flatboat to direct an experimental Engineer School on what was then the frontier of the United States, through the first primitive efforts to make the inland rivers navigable, to the prioneering canalization projects and the modern flood control and water resource development programs that grew out of the Ohio Valley flood disasters of the early 20th century.
NWS-79-S1 CEIWR History of the Commercial Waterways & Ports of the United States: Volume I, From Settlement to Completion of the Erie Canal 9/1/1979 One of a series that reviews the history of waterways and ports in the U.S. in the context of transportation needs of the national today and into the next century. This Volume 1 of the series examines the period from settlement of the country to the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825.
NWS-80-S1 CEIWR The United States Waterways and Ports: A Chronology, Volume I, 1541-1871 4/1/1980 One of a series that chronologically records significant events in the history of U.S. waterway and port. Volume 1 of the series summarizes the use of waterways in early America: 1541-1808; from the invention of the steamboat to the Civil War: 1811-1867; the Great Era of American Canal Building: 1825-1850; and the end of the Canal Building Era: 1836-1871.
NWS-83-10 CEIWR History of the Waterways of the Atlantic Coast of the United States 1/1/1983
NWS-83-9 CEIWR History of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway 1/1/1983 One of a series on the history of navigation done as a part of the National Waterways study, an intensive review of past, present, and future needs and capabilities of the waterways transportation network.
UN 1 CECW-OE Corps of Engineers Mobilization and Operations Planning System (CEMOPS) 5/1/1983 Contact the Publications POC for more information.
UN 2 CECW-OE Corps of Engineers Mobilization Plan (CEMP) 10/17/1983 Contact the Publications POC for more information.
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