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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 690-1-819 CEHR Exciting Careers in Electrical Engineering 8/1/2011 Exciting Careers in Electrical Engineering
EP 690-1-820 CEHR Exciting Careers in Mechanical Engineering 8/1/2011 Exciting Careers in Mechanical Engineering
EP 690-1-824 CECW-HS Career Development and Training Guide for the Emergency Management Community of Practice and Contingency Operations Workforce 7/31/2015 Applicability. This guide applies specifically to HQUSACE elements, Divisions, Districts, Field Operating Activities (FOA), Labs, and Centers of Exprestise
EP 690-1-825 CEHR-E Exciting Careers in Facilities Management 12/1/2015
EP 690-1-826 CEHR-E Exciting Careers in Logistics Management 12/1/2015
EP 690-2-1 CERPO You, The Corps and The Future -Employment Options Upon Reorganization 11/1/1992 This document is to help you understand your employment options and entitlements if your job is affected by the Corps reorganization.
EP 690-2-2 CECW-CO Career Development Guide for Civil Works Natural ResourcesManagement Team Members 5/14/2010 a.  This pamphlet is designed to provide guidance to proactive Natural Resources Management (NRM) team members in designing a path that can help lead to achieving long-term career goals or hight-level positions.
EP 690-2-3 CECW-EG Guidelines for the Career Development of Geotechnical Engineers 2/15/1998 The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) must continue to develop and maintain a highly-trained and experienced geotechnical staff to support the engineering activities associated with the civil works program.
EP 700-1-4 CELD USACE Logistics History Brochure 10/31/2016 USACE Logistics History Brochure
EP 715-1-2 CEMP-CE A Guide to Effective Contractor Quality Control (CQC) 2/1/1990 This booklet explains the Corps* concept of CQC and can assist the
contractor to bring about effective control
EP 715-1-5 CEMP-ES, CEPR-P Architect-Engineer Contracting Guide - Hazardous, Toxic, Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Contracting 8/10/1993 This pamphlet is to serve as a training guide for USACE personnel to
evaluate the most appropriate contract type for architectural and engineering services, consistent with governing laws and regulations
EP 715-1-7 CECW-CE, CEPR-P Architect Engineer Contracting in USACE 2/29/2012 This pamphlet provides guidance and procedures for contracting for architect-engineer with the Brooks Architect-Engineer Act and the acquisition
regulations referenced below. The guidance and procedures in this pamphlet promote fair, efficient and consistent A-E contracting practices throughout the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
EP 715-1-8 CEPR-ZA 51C/1102 Proficiency Guide For Construction Architect-Engineer (A-E) & Contingency Contracting 9/21/2011 Contact publications representative for more information.
EP 750-1-1 CELD-MS Procedural Pamphlet for Materiel Maintenance Policies 11/30/1997 Describes the minimum procedures that are required to manage and maintain property within USACE. It describes the procedures that are needed to implement the USACE maintenance policies and responsibilities defined in ER 750-1-1
EP 870-1-1 CEHO Historical Vignettes - Volume 2 5/18/1979 These Historical Vignettes reflect in miniature the United States Army Corps of Engineers' many contributions to the American nations in peace and war.
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