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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
ETL 1100-2-2 CECW-CE Appropriate Application of Paleoflood Information for Hydrology and Hydraulics Decisions 10/31/2014
ETL 1110-3-512 CECW-CE Army Airfield and Heliport Markings 9/30/2015 This Engineering Technical Letter (ETL) provides guidance and criteria for marking U.S. Army airfields and heliports.  It gives the minimum level of markings necessary for paved surfaces of airfield runways, taxiways, helipads, and the surfaces of obstructions
ETL 1110-3-511 CECW-CE Army Airfield/Heliport Planning and Design Changes 5/31/2014 This ETL provides US. Army Changes to UFC 3-260-01, Airfield and heliport Planning and Desgin
ETL 1110-3-510 CECW-CE Aviation Complex Planning and Design Criteria for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) 5/31/2013 Change 1 is incorporated in the publication.
ETL 1110-2-584 CECW-CE Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures 6/30/2014 This manual supersedes EM 1110-2-2105, dated 31 March 1993, EM 1110-2- 2701, dated 30 November 1997, EM 1110-2-2702, dated 01 January 2000, EM 1110-2-2703, dated 30 June 1994, and 1110-2-2705, dated 31 March 1994
ETL 1100-2-3 CECW-CE Errata Sheet: Guidance for Detection of Nonstationarities in Annual Maximum Discharges 4/28/2017 This Engineer Technical Letter (ETL) provides U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) with guidance for detection of abrupt and slowly varying changes (nonstationarities) in analyses of annual maximum discharge supporting USACE project planning, design, construction, operations and maintenance.
ETL 1110-2-575 CECW-CE Evaluation of I-walls 9/1/2011 Provides updated technical criteria and guidance for evaluation of existing I-walls.  This guidance is for I-walls designed to provide flood risk reduction from inland flooding, not from coastal storm surges with significant wave and vessel impact loads.
ETL 1110-2-581 CECW-CE Methods to Identify Optimum Drilling Direction for Geotechnical Exploration and Rock Engineering 7/31/2014
ETL 1110-2-577 CECW-CE Use of Spiral Welded Pipe Piles 6/18/2012 Establishes guidance for expanded use of spiral welded pipe (SWP) piles Corps-wide to include sites having soft soils and low probabilities for seismic shaking and extreme cold temperatures.
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