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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 870-1-16 CEHO "Dear Friends at Home..." The letters and Diary of Thomas James Owen, Fiftieth New York Volunteer Engineer Regiment during the Civil War 1/1/1985 This is the fourth publication in the series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies.  It reproduces the personal letters and diary of an Engineer soldier who served in the Civil War
EP 870-1-58 CEHO After Desert Storm: The U.S. Army and the Reconstruction of Kuwait 6/4/1999 USACE critical role in the Kuwait recovery operation after the end of the war and its involvement in the Persian Gulf War.
EP 870-1-72 CEHO Bricks, Sand, and Marble: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction in the Mediterranean and Middle East, 1947-1991 7/1/1905 USACE in military construction in the Mediterranean Basin (including northern and northeastern Africa) and the Middle East, which created the infrastructure that made the policies of deterrence and containment possible.
EP 870-1-32 CEHO Bridging the Imjin: Construction of Libby and Teal Bridges during the Korean War (October 1952-July 1953) 8/1/1989 As the 40th anniversary of the Korean War approaches, we in the Corps of Engineers should reexamine how our predecessors overcame the engineering challenges posed by the rugged and unforgiving environment in which that war was fought.
EP 870-1-42 CEHO Builders & Fighters - U.S. Army Engineers in World War II 12/18/1992 This book of essays present a representative sampling of the engineers' activities in the war.
EP 870-1-31 / CMH Pub 70-45 CEHO Building Air Bases in the Negev - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Israel, 1979-1982 11/1/1991 The U.S . Army's role as an instrument of foreign policy is usually viewed in a srictly military sense.
EP 870-1-71 CEHO Building For Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe 1945-1991 6/29/1905 This study of nearly half a century of military construction in Europe serves to record both the achievements of the past and some key lessons learned.
EP 870-1-67 CEHO Capital Engineers: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Development of Washington, D.C., 1790-2004 7/3/1905 USACE mission in the Washington Area by maintaining navigation on the city's rivers and building facilities on its many military installations.
EP 870-1-47 CEHO Combat and Construction: U.S. Army Engineers in World War I 11/30/1993 Construction during World War I - USACE was essential on the front lines and constructed facilities needed to transport and supply American troops.
EP 870-1-57 CEHO Defending America's Coasts, 1775-1950 - A Bibliography 11/30/1997 USACE central role and responsibility for planning, constructing, and maintaining coastal fortification.
EP 870-1-7 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies No. 2 Explorer on the Northern Plains: Lieutenant Gouveneur K. Warren's Preliminary Report of Explorations in Nebraska and Dakota, in the Years 1855 - '56-'57 10/1/1981 This is the second publication in the new series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies
EP 870-1-2 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies Number One (Journal of the Kearny Expedition of 1845) 6/1/1979 This is the first in a new series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies which we hope will make available to Corps personnel and the general public significant documents in Engineer history.
EP 870-1-22 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies, Number 3 - Exploring Nature's Sanctuary: Captain Ludlow's Report of a Reconnaissance from Carroll, Montana, on the Upper Missouri to the Yellowstone National Park, and Return Made in the Summer of 1875 1/1/1985 Ludlow's report, with its appended reports on zoology, geology, and new fossils, and its maps, demonstrates the commitments of the Army to promoting scientific knowledge while acquiring information for its military campaigns.
EP 870-1-25 CEHO Engineer Memoirs - General William M. Hoge 1/31/1993 With the publication of the William M. Hoge interview, we begin a series that contains interviews with distinguished World War II generals.
EP 870-1-5 CEHO Engineer Memoirs - LTG Frederick J. Clarke 11/1/1979 This volume, the first in a projected series of Engineer Memoirs, is an effort to acquaint active military, engineers and their collegues with the untapped fund of miliary, leadership, management, and personal experience possessed by one of the men who has shaped the Corps of Engineers
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