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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EC 25-1-354 CECW-CE Supersession 7/8/2014 ETL 1110-2-584; replaced EM 1110-2-2105; EM 1110-2-2701; EM 1110-2-2702; EM 1110-2-2703; EM 1110-2-2708
EC 25-1-356 CEHR-Z Rescission 3/27/2015 Rescission.  Engineer Manual 15-1-26, Boards, Commissins and Committees, Corps of Engineers SES Incentive Awards Committee, dated 31 July 1986
EC 11-2-208 CECW-ID Corps of Engineers Civil Works Direct Program Development Policy Guidance Fiscal Year 2017 3/31/2015 This EC Supersedes EC 11-2-206 and Rescinds ER 11-2-220; ER 11-2-240; ER 11-2-290; ER 11-2-292
EC 25-1-358 CECW-CE Rescission 3/31/2015 Rescission for TI 800-01 and Design Guide 1110-3-122
EC 25-1-357 CEHR-Z Rescission 4/3/2015 Rescission: ER 6990-127, Civilian Personnel, General Provisins, dated 01 December 1999
EC 1130-2-550 CECW-ON Recreation Operations and Maintenance Guidance and Procedures Chapter 9 - Recreation use Fees 11/30/2015 This EC supersedes ER and EP 1130-2-550, dated 15 November 1996, Chapter 9 including the applicable EP Appendices (M through R, T and U) for a period of two years.
EC 25-1-359 CECW-ID Rescission 3/31/2016 This EC Supersedes and Rescinds EC 11-2-206; ER 11-2-220; ER 11-2-240; ER 11-2-290; ER 11-2-292; ENG form 2200; ENG form 2204; ENG form 2205A
EC 11-2-211 CECW-I Execution of the Annual Civil Works Program 4/29/2016
EC 25-1-361 CECW-CE Rescission 6/1/2016 This circular rescinded EP 350-2-1; 15 November 1994
EC 25-1-362 CECW-CE Rescission 6/1/2016 This circular rescinded ER 1110-2-4001
EC 25-1-360 CECW-EW Rescission 6/2/2016 This circular rescinded EM 1110-2-5025; EM 1110-2-5026; EM 1110-2-5027
EC 1165-2-216 CECW-CP Policy and Procedural Guidance for Processing Request to Alter US Army Corps Of Engineers Civil Works Projects Pursant to 33 USC 408 6/21/2016 This Change 1 to EC 1165-2-216, 30 September 2015, revises Appendix G, "Use of Section 214 ofWRDA 2000, as amended, for 33 U.S.C. 408" and references to Appendix Gin the main text ofthe EC, to incorporate changes as a result of Section 1006 ofthe Water Resources Reform and Development Act of2014 (WRRDA 2014).
EC 5-2-1 CECW-I Execution of Change Control Boards 6/30/2016 This circular provides guidance for Major Subordinate Commands (MSC) and Districts in the use and conduct of Change Control Boards (CCB) to formalize changes to projects, ensure leadership visibility, and adherence to the USACE change management processes.
EC 1110-1-108 CECW-CE Flood Inundation Mapping 7/29/2016 This circular also provides guidance on the use and release of flood inundation maps. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) recognizes its responsibility to protect public safety and welfare by effectively communicating information to the public related to flood risks, in general, and, in particular, the flood risks associated with the operation and performance of USACE dams and levees.
EC 11-2-214 CECW-IP Corps of Engineers Civil Works Direct Program Development Policy Guidance Fiscal Year 2019 3/31/2017 This EC supersedes portions of ER 11-2-220, ER 11-2-240, ER 11-2-290, and ER 11-2-This Engineer Circular (EC) provides policy guidance for the developmentand submission of the Corps of Engineers direct Civil Works (CW) Budget and Allocation Strategy for Fiscal Year 2019 (FY19)
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