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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 1110-1-8 CECW-EC Construction Equipment Ownership and Operating Expense Schedule 8/12/2021 This Engineer Pamphlet (EP) is authorized by and established consistent with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 31.105 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Acquisition Instructions (UAI) Subpart 5131.1: Applicability, 5131.105: Construction and Architect-Engineer (A-E) Contracts. This EP establishes predetermined equipment ownership and operating expense rates for construction equipment. Rates and additional information can be found online at
EP 690-2-3 CECW-CE Guidelines for the Career Development of Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists, and Material Engineers. 6/1/2021 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) must continue to develop and maintain a highly trained and experienced geotechnical staff to support all engineering activities. The guidelines in this pamphlet describe the experience, education, training, and skill development opportunities that USACE geotechnical, geology, and materials professionals (referred to collectively as geotechnics professionals) are suggested to acquire.
EP 715-1-8 CECT-ZA Contract Specialist Proficiency Guide 3/19/2021 This guide is for use by USACE Contract Specialist and the mentors, supervisors, and Contracting Officers involved in training Contracting Specialists.
EP 870-180 CEHO Oral History in the U.S. Army Corps: A Guide 2/3/2021
EP 870-180 CEHO Oral History in the U.S. Army Corps: A Guide 2/3/2021 The purpose of this guide is to provide U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [USACE) employees who are planning to start an oral history project or program with some historical background and practical advice on how to go about it. Step by step, the guide covers all phases of an oral history process: from deciding which person to interview, to putting together a question list, to setting up the interview, to interview techniques and practices.
EP 25-1-114 CECI Emergency Operations for Records and Information Management Specialists (RIMS) and Action Officers during Natural and Man-Made Disasters 1/31/2021 This Engineer Pamphlet establishes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for managing records created during an emergency operation natural and manmade disaster
EP 690-1-827 CECI-HC CIO/G-6 Careers Brochure 1/15/2021 Careers Brochure” is intended to be a resource for use in career fairs or hiring events and an information source for potential new-hires.
EP 1110-1-15 CECW-EG Cooperation with State Geological Surveys 1/11/2021 The purpose of this pamphlet is to encourage USACE cooperation and coordination with State Geological Surveys.
EP 1100-1-5 CECW-EC USACE Guide to Resilience Practices 12/1/2020 Resilience is the ability to anticipate, prepare for, and adapt to changing conditions and withstand, respond to, and recover rapidly from disruptions.
EP 1100-2-3 CECW-EC Civil Works Guide To Sustainable Infrastructure Requirements 6/1/2020 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Environmental Operating Principles (EOP) encourage staff to “create mutually supporting economic and environmentally sustainable solutions” (Refs. 4.a., 4.b.)
EP 1100-2-2 CECW-EC Civil Works Sustainable Infrastructure Practices Guidebook 12/1/2019 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineering (USACE) Environmental Operating Principles (EOP) encourages staff to “create mutually supporting economic and environmentally sustainable solutions” (Refs. 5.a., 5.b.).
EP 25-1-117 CECW-CO State of the Infrastructure-A Joint Report by the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 12/1/2019 The December 2019, "State of the Infrastructure, A Joint Report by the Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works (USACE)" (EP-25-1-117) enhances public awareness of federal water resource infrastructure and the strengths and challenges of owning, operating and maintaining this infrastructure.
EP 1100-2-1 CECW-EC/CECW-P Procedures to Evaluate Sea Level Change: Impacts, Response, and Adaptation 6/30/2019 provides instructional and procedural guidance to analyze and adapt to the direct and indirect physical and ecological effects of projected future sea level change (SLC) on USACE projects and systems of projects needed to implement Engineer Regulation (ER) 1100-2-8162.
EP 25-30-1 CEIT-OPI-PF Publications Formatting Quick Tips 6/11/2019 This Quick Guide (rack card) is designed to assist our customers with the publications review process. This information is derived directly from ER 25-30-1, but gives the customer a quick guide for preparing their publications
EP 1110-2-18 CECW-CE Guidelines for Landscape Planting And Vegetation Management At Levees, Floodwalls, Embankment Dams, And Appurtenant Structures 5/1/2019 This EP provides guidelines to assure that landscape planting and vegetation management provide aesthetic and environmental benefits without compromising the reliability of levees, floodwalls, embankment dams, and appurtenant structures.
EP 310-1-6a CECW Sign Standards Manual, VOL 1 5/1/2019
EP 1110-2-17 CECW-EC A Guide to Public Alerts and Warning for Dam and Levee Emergencies 4/30/2019 To assist the emergency manager in issuing more timely and effective public alert and warning messages for floods caused by dam breaches, controlled dam releases, and levee breaches or overtopping.
EP 1105-2-58 CECW-P Continuing Authorities Program 3/31/2019 This appendix provides the policy and procedural guidance for planning, design, and implementation of projects pursued under the legislative and administrative provisions of the Continuing Authorities Program (CAP).  CAP consists of a group of nine legislative authorities under which the Secretary of the Army, acting through the Chief of Engineers, is authorized to plan, design, and implement certain types of water resources projects without additional project specific congressional authorization.  Table 1 lists the CAP authorities, the Authority/Title is the commonly referenced name based on the “section” of the Act which first provided the authority.  Overview and policies for each purpose are found in the identified Chapter 3 of Engineer Regulation (ER) 1105-2-100.  This EP supersedes/rescinds Appendix F of ER 1105-2-100 Planning Guidance Notebook.
EP 1105-2-57 CECW-P Planning: Stakeholder Engagement, Collaboration, and Coordination 3/1/2019 This pamphlet explains the benefits of, and requirements for, stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and coordination in Civil Works planning studies.
EP 1100-1-3 CECW-EC USACE Sustainability: Definition and Concepts Guide 7/19/2018 This pamphlet clarifies sustainability-related terms and definitions to help orient and align staff on practices consistent with the Environmental Operating Principles (EOP), Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings (GP), Civil Works Strategic Plan (CWSP), and other directives.
EP 1105-1-1 CE-CW-CE Sponsor's Guide to the USACE Levee Safety Program 6/1/2018 Levees are critical flood risk management infrastructure that help reduce the frequency of flooding for people and property. More than a trillion dollars of public and private property, including homes and businesses, are behind USACE levees. These leveed areas also contain critical infrastructure, such as highways, hospitals, schools and utilities, and significant environmental and cultural resources
EP 11-1-320 CECW-HS Civil Works Emergency Management Programs Financial Management Process 10/31/2017 This Engineer Pamphlet prescribes procedures for the US Army Corps of Engineers Emergency Management Community of Practice for the management and execution of programming, funding, and budgeting processes that support the USACE Emergency Management Program.
EP 1100-1-2 CECW-EC U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Resilience Initiative Roadmap 10/16/2017 This document was originally provided USACE-wide via “The Chief Sends” (email) from LTG Bostick, 53rd Chief of Engineers, on 16 MAY 2016. Its issuance as an EP isdone so that the Roadmap is part of the permanent USACE publication record.
EP 870-1-76 CEHO The U.S. Army Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Board: 50 Years of Service to the Nation (1963–2013) 9/30/2017
EP 360-1-35 CEPA Value to the Nation 9/17/2017 This Engineer Pamphlet goes over how the Army Corps of Engineers continues the tradition of providing vital engineering services.
EP 360-1-23 CEAGC-GSC National Inventory of Dams 11/1/2016 The National Inventory of Dams (NID) is a congressionally authorized database,which documents dams in the U.S. and its territories.
EP 700-1-4 CELD USACE Logistics History Brochure 10/31/2016 USACE Logistics History Brochure
EP 200-1-15 CEMP-RT Environmental Quality: Standard Scopes of Work for HTRW Risk Assessments 6/30/2016 This pamphlet supersedes EP 200-1-15, dated 15 December 2001
test test test 6/8/2016 test
EP 1140-1-1 CEMP-CN USACE Interagency and International Services 5/17/2016
EP 415-1-261 CECW-CE Quality Assurance Representative's Guide Vol 6 4/21/2016 Building Envelopes
EP 415-1-260 CECW-CE Area/Resident Engineer Management Guide 3/31/2016 This Engineer Pamphlet supersedes EP 415-1-260, Dated 6 December 1990
EP 360-1-31 CEPA Risk-Informed Dam Safety Program 2/29/2016
EP 690-1-825 CEHR-E Exciting Careers in Facilities Management 12/1/2015
EP 690-1-826 CEHR-E Exciting Careers in Logistics Management 12/1/2015
EP 200-1-24 CEMP-CED Environmental Quality - Air Pathway Analysis for the Design of Remedial Action Projects 9/30/2015 Purpose.  This pamphlet describes Air pathway Analysis (APA) proceures. Applicability. Applies to all USACE commands responsibile for the design of remedial action projects that will be funded from USACE appropriations.
EP 690-1-824 CECW-HS Career Development and Training Guide for the Emergency Management Community of Practice and Contingency Operations Workforce 7/31/2015 Applicability. This guide applies specifically to HQUSACE elements, Divisions, Districts, Field Operating Activities (FOA), Labs, and Centers of Exprestise
EP 385-1-100 CESO Implementation of ARC Flash Hazard Program 9/30/2014
EP 870-1-74 CEHO USACE in the District of Columbia Brochure 3/1/2014
EP 870-1-69 CEHO Nothing But Praise: A History of the 1321st General Service Regiment 12/9/2013 chronicles the training and battlefield experiences of one unit that served in Europe during World War II
EP 870-1-65 CEHO Engineer Memoirs: Major General Richard S. Kem 10/2/2013 Memoirs of Richard S. Kem
EP 870-1-68 CEHO The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A History 8/7/2013 An overview of many of the missions that engineers have performed in support of the U.S. Army and the Nation since the early days of the American Revolution.
EP 870-1-66 CEHO Remembering the "Forgotten War": U.S. Army Engineer Officers in Korea 7/4/2013 USACE providing combat support on the front lines in the form of bridges, ferries roads, and road maintenance.
EP 1100-1-1 CECW-Z Federal Support Toolbox for IWRM 5/13/2013 Provide a comprehensive on-line toolbox
of water information across all levels of
government and organizations
EP 360-1-33 CEPA USACE Building Strong People 1/25/2013
EP 715-1-7 CECW-CE, CEPR-P Architect Engineer Contracting in USACE 2/29/2012 This pamphlet provides guidance and procedures for contracting for architect-engineer with the Brooks Architect-Engineer Act and the acquisition
regulations referenced below. The guidance and procedures in this pamphlet promote fair, efficient and consistent A-E contracting practices throughout the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).
EP 200-1-23 CEMP-RA Spill Reporting Procedures for USACE Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Projects 1/31/2012 This pamphlet is intended to support: (i) the USACE policy for the prevention, control, reporting, and contingency planning for spills of oil and hazardous substances; and (ii) the USACE goal to use, generate, transport, store, handle, and dispose of oil and hazardous substances in a manner that protects the environment and public health.
EP 200-1-18 CEMP-RA Environmental Quality: Five-year Reviews of Military Munitions Response Projects 9/30/2011 This Engineer Pamphlet (EP) provides U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) personnel with procedural guidance for performing Five-Year Reviews for projects under the Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP).
EP 200-3-1 CEMP-CE Environmental Quality: Public Participation Requirements for Defense Environmental Restoration Program 9/30/2011 This pamphlet provides U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) personnel with information on public participation activities required during CERCLA actions, such as Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) and Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive (HTRW) Response Actions.
EP 870-1-70 CEHO Situation Desperate: U.S. Army Engineer Disaster Relief Operations, Origins to 1950 8/30/2011 This volume on the history of the Army Engineer disaster assistance mission traces the federal program from its tentative beginnings in the nineteenth century to the enactment of a permanent federal policy on disaster assistance in 1950.
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