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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 870-1-71 CEHO Building For Peace: U.S. Army Engineers in Europe 1945-1991 6/29/1905 This study of nearly half a century of military construction in Europe serves to record both the achievements of the past and some key lessons learned.
EP 870-1-72 CEHO Bricks, Sand, and Marble: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Construction in the Mediterranean and Middle East, 1947-1991 7/1/1905 USACE in military construction in the Mediterranean Basin (including northern and northeastern Africa) and the Middle East, which created the infrastructure that made the policies of deterrence and containment possible.
EP 870-1-67 CEHO Capital Engineers: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the Development of Washington, D.C., 1790-2004 7/3/1905 USACE mission in the Washington Area by maintaining navigation on the city's rivers and building facilities on its many military installations.
EP 1130-2-310 CECW-OD Dredging Inspector's Instruction Guide Change 1 6/28/1963 This publication contains information for assisting and instructing dredging inspectors In the performance of those technical and administrative duties which are required for the proper inspection of such operations. Its chief objective is to promote efficient and uniform procedures for inspecting dredging operations, handling computations, and preparing related reports.
EP 1125-2-1 CECW-OD, DAEN-CWO-S Floating Plant List 11/30/1976 This pamphlet provides a current listing of all civil owned and/or operated items of floating plant employed on Civil Works activities.  It contains a complete category index and an alphabetical-numerical listing of floating plant showing principal dimensions, capacities, ratings, special equipment, radio call letters, date of construction, district ownership, bridge clearance requirements and other pertinent data.
EP 870-1-1 CEHO Historical Vignettes - Volume 2 5/18/1979 These Historical Vignettes reflect in miniature the United States Army Corps of Engineers' many contributions to the American nations in peace and war.
EP 870-1-2 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies Number One (Journal of the Kearny Expedition of 1845) 6/1/1979 This is the first in a new series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies which we hope will make available to Corps personnel and the general public significant documents in Engineer history.
EP 870-1-5 CEHO Engineer Memoirs - LTG Frederick J. Clarke 11/1/1979 This volume, the first in a projected series of Engineer Memoirs, is an effort to acquaint active military, engineers and their collegues with the untapped fund of miliary, leadership, management, and personal experience possessed by one of the men who has shaped the Corps of Engineers
EP 870-1-6 CEHO Engineers of Independence: A Documentary History of the Army Engineers in the American Revolution, 1775-1783 10/1/1981 The U .S. Army Corps of Engineers traces its origins to the earliest moments of our existence as a nation.
EP 870-1-7 CEHO Engineer Historical Studies No. 2 Explorer on the Northern Plains: Lieutenant Gouveneur K. Warren's Preliminary Report of Explorations in Nebraska and Dakota, in the Years 1855 - '56-'57 10/1/1981 This is the second publication in the new series of Corps of Engineers Historical Studies
EP 690-1-9 CEHR-OP A Guide for Managers and Supervisors 1/1/1982 Contact publications representative for more information.
EP 1110-1-9 CECW-EG Liquid Limit Grooving Tools 2/26/1982 to advise field offices of the availability and source of plastic liquid limit grooving tools, meeting Corps of Engineers specifications.
EP 500-1-3 CECW-OE Emergency Operations 7/1/1982 This EP is dedicated to emergency preparedness and rapid reaction to major emergencies throughout the United States.
EP 5-1-5 CEMP-MD Lessons Learned on Israeli Airbase Program 9/1/1982 This document presents specific problems from a "Lessons Learned" standpoint with a view to advancing Corps-wide awareness of problems associated with projects of this nature.
EP 870-1-10 CEHO Shaping Environmental Awareness: The United States Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board, 1970-1980 1/1/1983 In response to the growing concern of environmental sensitivity which swept the United States in the 1970s, evident in myriad laws, executive orders, and regulations, the US Corps of Engineers needed to change considerably its way of planning and developing civil works projects.
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