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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 715-1-8 CEPR-ZA 51C/1102 Proficiency Guide For Construction Architect-Engineer (A-E) & Contingency Contracting 9/21/2011 Contact publications representative for more information.
EP 70-1-4 CERD Research and Development - Information for Inventors 7/1/2010 Protect Your Rights - If you have not taken any steps to seek patent protection for your invention, your legal interests could be affected by your disclosure of information to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
EP 37-1-3 CERM-B Budget Officer's Handbook 5/1/1998 This pamphlets prescribes procedures and sample formats to assist Commanders and Laboratory Directors in establishing and using operation budgets.
EP 37-1-5 CERM-B Budget and Manpower Resource Management Cycle 2/25/1994 To provide time frame guidelines for the budget and manpower cycle from USACE Major Subordinate Commands to HQUSACE/OCE and to higher authority.
EP 37-1-4 CERM-P Cost of Doing Business 7/30/2015 Applicabilitiy. This pamphlet applies to HQUSACE/OCE elements, major subordinate commands, districts, labs, and Centers
EP 690-2-1 CERPO You, The Corps and The Future -Employment Options Upon Reorganization 11/1/1992 This document is to help you understand your employment options and entitlements if your job is affected by the Corps reorganization.
EP 715-1-1 CESB Opportunities for Small and Disadvantaged Businesses 10/31/1993 This EP supports fully the Government policy of placing a fair proportion of the Corps contracts for supplies, design, construction and support services and qualified small, small disadvantaged and women-owned business concerns, historically Black colleges and universities are minority institutions
EP 11-1-5 CESI To Form A More Perfect Corps 7/22/1987 Contact publications representative for more information.
EP 385-1-100 CESO Implementation of ARC Flash Hazard Program 9/30/2014
EP 385-1-97 CESO-E Your Mission is to Work Safely 1/1/2011 Guide to a Successful Safety Program
EP 385-1-96 CESO-I USACE Ergonomics Program Procedures 6/1/2000 This Engineer Pamphlet (EP) provides a framework for developing a local ergonomics program in accordance with ER 385-1-96, as part of the command's overall safety and occupational health program
EP 385-1-40 CESO-S Boards of Investigation 5/31/1991
EP 400-2-1 NA Enjoy Corps Lands and Waters Today 7/1/2009 Find the Corps recreation area near you.
test test test 6/8/2016 test
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