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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 1100-1-1 CECW-Z Federal Support Toolbox for IWRM 5/13/2013 Provide a comprehensive on-line toolbox
of water information across all levels of
government and organizations
EP 1100-1-2 CECW-EC U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Resilience Initiative Roadmap 10/16/2017 This document was originally provided USACE-wide via “The Chief Sends” (email) from LTG Bostick, 53rd Chief of Engineers, on 16 MAY 2016. Its issuance as an EP isdone so that the Roadmap is part of the permanent USACE publication record.
EP 1105-2-10 CECW-MP Six Steps to a Civil Works Project 5/1/1990 Contact publications representative for more information.
EP 1105-3-1 CEMP-OP Planning: Base Camp Development In The Theater Of Operations 1/19/2009 Base camps can act as power projection platforms throughout full spectrum operations while allowing the promulgation of the operational mission intent in a most effective, efficient, and sustainable manner that enables force protection and augmentation of the CCDR's mission assets
EP 1110-1-15 CECW-EG Cooperation with State Geological Surveys 3/31/1994 The purpose of this pamphlet is to encourage USACE cooperation and coordination with State Geological Surveys.
EP 1110-1-16 CECW-EP Handbook for the Preparation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans for Construction Activities 2/28/1997 This pamphlet provides guidance for the preparation and development of plans for the prevention
of storm water pollution at construction projects. Section 402 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (the Clean Water Act) requires that such plans be made.
EP 1110-1-17 CEMP-RA Establishing a Temporary Open Burn and Open Detonation Site for Conventional Ordnance and Explosive Projects 7/16/1999 This pamphlet provides  general guidance for establishing and utilizing a temporary Open Burn and/or Open Detonation site for the destruction of small quantities of Ordnance and Explosives (OE) in support of OE project operations.
EP 1110-1-18 CEMP-RT Ordnance and Explosives Response 4/24/2000 Provides procedures on the process to be used to manage and execute all aspects of ordnance and explosive actions.
EP 1110-1-22 CEMP-RA Asbestos Surveys and Assessments - Standard Scope of Work 9/15/2000 Provides a framework for developing site and project specific scopes of work for completion of asbestos surveys and assessments at Army facilities.
EP 1110-1-23 CEMP-RT Asbestos Abatement Air Monitoring - Standard Scope of Work 1/31/1999 Provides guidance for developing project scopes of work to conduct air monitoring during asbestos abatement (IAW CEGS 13280), to include environmental air quality control and/or air sampling for baseline (pre-abatement) and final clearance phases.
EP 1110-1-24 CEMP-RA Establishing and Maintaining Institutional Controls for Ordnance and Explosives (OE) Projects 12/15/2000 Provide general guidance on the process to be used to develop, implement, and maintain institutional controls on Ordnance and Explosives project sites.
EP 1110-1-27 CEMP-RA Operation and Maintenance of Extraction and Injection Wells at HTRW Sites 1/27/2000 Describes requirements for carrying out Operations & Maintenance for extraction and injection wells at HTRW sites.
EP 1110-1-28 CEMP-RA Lead Hazard Risk Assessment for Target Housing/Child-Occupied Facilities - Standard Scope of Work 8/31/2001 Provides a framework for developing site and project specific scopes of work for completion of lead hazard risk assessments at Army target housing, Family Child Care homes, child development centers, and other child occupied facilities.
EP 1110-1-29 CEMP-RA Lead Hazard Clearance Inspection - Standard Scope of Work 8/31/2001 Provides a framework for developing site and project specific scopes of work for completion of lead hazard clearance inspections at Army target housing/child-occupied facilities that have undergone lead hazard control activities.
EP 1110-1-30 CEMP-RA PRE-DESIGN LEAD/ASBESTOS SURVEY STANDARD SCOPE OF WORK 8/31/2001 The Standard Scope of Work (SOW) described in this Engineer Pamphlet (EP) provides a framework for developing project-specific scopes of work to complete pre-design lead/asbestos surveys preliminary to DA project design.
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