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Pub Number Proponent Title Pub Date Latest Review Info
EP 870-1-59 CEHO Engineer Memoirs: Lt Gen Carroll H. Dunn, U.S. Army 7/1/1998 Memoirs of Carroll H. Dunn
EP 870-1-60 CEHO Water Resources: Hydraulics and Hydrology - Interview with Margaret S. Petersen 7/31/1998 Interview log on Hydraulics and Hydrology
EP 870-1-62 CEHO Water Resources: Hydraulics and Hydrology - Interview with Alfred S. Harrison 12/1/1998 Interview log on Hydraulics and Hydrology
EP 870-1-58 CEHO After Desert Storm: The U.S. Army and the Reconstruction of Kuwait 6/4/1999 USACE critical role in the Kuwait recovery operation after the end of the war and its involvement in the Persian Gulf War.
EP 870-1-61 CEHO Water Resources: People and Issues - Interview with Theodore M. Shad 7/1/1999 Interview log on Hydraulics and Hydrology
EP 870-1-63 CEHO Engineer Memoirs: Lieutenant General John W. Morris 12/1/2000 Memoirs of John W. Morris
EP 870-1-64 CEHO Environmental Cleanup at Former and Current Military Sites: A Guide to Research 11/1/2001 This research guide is intended to help all environmental researchers complete their historical research as quickly and economically as possible.
EP 870-1-70 CEHO Situation Desperate: U.S. Army Engineer Disaster Relief Operations, Origins to 1950 8/30/2011 This volume on the history of the Army Engineer disaster assistance mission traces the federal program from its tentative beginnings in the nineteenth century to the enactment of a permanent federal policy on disaster assistance in 1950.
EP 870-1-66 CEHO Remembering the "Forgotten War": U.S. Army Engineer Officers in Korea 7/4/2013 USACE providing combat support on the front lines in the form of bridges, ferries roads, and road maintenance.
EP 870-1-68 CEHO The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A History 8/7/2013 An overview of many of the missions that engineers have performed in support of the U.S. Army and the Nation since the early days of the American Revolution.
EP 870-1-65 CEHO Engineer Memoirs: Major General Richard S. Kem 10/2/2013 Memoirs of Richard S. Kem
EP 870-1-69 CEHO Nothing But Praise: A History of the 1321st General Service Regiment 12/9/2013 chronicles the training and battlefield experiences of one unit that served in Europe during World War II
EP 870-1-74 CEHO USACE in the District of Columbia Brochure 3/1/2014
EP 870-1-76 CEERD-HT The U.S. Army Engineers Coastal Engineering Research Board: 50 Years of Service to the Nation (1963–2013) 9/30/2017
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